Bridgwater Carnival 2014
Saturday 1st November


Carnival Procession

A question often asked is what date is Bridgwater Carnival, it used to be easy to work out as it was always the nearest Thursday to the 5th November. That became a bit more complicated to work out a few years ago when the carnival was moved to a Friday.

However from 2013 folllowing agreement with the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Association it has become a lot easier to explain as Bridgwater Carnival will always be held on the first Saturday in November.

Future Dates

2014 – Saturday 1st November
2015 – Saturday 7th November
2016 – Saturday 5th November
2017 – Saturday 4th November
2018 – Saturday 3rd November
2019 – Saturday 2nd November
2020 – Saturday 7th November

Carnival Concerts

The date of the Carnival Concerts are easier to work out, it was agreed a few years ago that the concert would always start on the Monday following Bridgwater Fair

For those of you who have not heard of Bridgwater Fair it is a four day event held at the St Matthews Field and always starts on the last Wednesday in September, finishing on the Saturday, the concert then starts the following Monday.

So for 2014 the last Wednesday in September is 24th September, so the Concert starts on the following Monday, 29th September.

Future Dates

2014 – Monday 29th September until Saturday 11th October
2015 – Monday 5th October until Saturday 17th October
2016 – Monday 3rd October until Saturday 15th October
2017 – Monday 2nd October until Saturday 14th October