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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November



This archive contains the history of the Bridgwater Carnival cups, when they were given,  by whom and who won them, the information has been painstakingly collated by Rita Jones.

The Memorial Shield, pictured right has the names of Carnivalites who sadly  are no longer with us, but their memory lives on. A list of names that appear on  the Memorial Shield can be found by clicking the Memorial Shield link below.

To view the history of our cups and trophies and who were awarded them click on the links below:

CupPresented For
Aquarius Studio CupProcession – Best Costume & Make Up or Mask – Mounted Entries
Arthur Butt CupProcession – 3rd Position – Open Tableaux
Arthur Rainey CupConcert – Best Comedy Act
Athletic Sports CupConcert – Best Vocal Act – 2 or more
Barrie Lintern TrophyConcert – 3rd Position – Feature
Bass Charrington CupProcession – Most Original Mounted Entry
Ben Squibbs CupProcession – 2nd Position – Open Feature
Bert Snook Rose BowlConcert – Best Under 17 Front of Curtain Act
B.P. Challenge CupProcession – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle & Driver – Local
Britvic CupProcession – 1st Position – Feature 5 or more on Foot or Self-Propelled
Bryer CupProcession – 1st Position Tableaux or Feature Local – Ker Cup runner up
Charlton CupProcession – 2nd Position – Local Feature
Doug Letherby CupProcession – 1st Position – Single Masquerader on Foot
Elizabeth Ann James CupConcert – 2nd Position – Local Feature
Elson Furnishing CupProcession – 1st Position – Comic Feature Mounted
Generation CupProcession – 2nd Position Juvenile Feature on Foot
Geordie Adamson CupProcession – Best Decorated Generator
George Bown CupConcert – Best Song, Scene, Dance Novelty, Musical Act
Gerald Wills CupProcession – Feature 5 or more on foot – Bridgwater Entries only
Hardy Spicer & Blake CupProcession – 1st Position – Open Tableaux
Hardy Spicer CupOverall – Championship Cup – Local
Jerry Rossiter CupProcession – Adult Masquerader on Foot – Bridgwater Entries only
Jim Bailey CupProcession – Comic Feature Mounted – Bridgwater Entries only
Judges CupConcert – Best Single Vocalist
Juvenile CupProcession – 1st Position – Groups of Masqueraders (3-7)
Ker CupProcession – 1st Position – Highest Points Tableaux or Feature Local
Kevin John Pearce CupProcession – Juvenile Feature Mounted – Bridgwater Entries only
Les Manley CupConcert – Most Improved Club
Lime Kiln Anniversary CupConcert – 4th Position – Feature
Lions International CupProcession – Tableaux or Feature Local – Hardy Spicer Cup runner up
Marketeers CupProcession – 1st Position – Juvenile Feature Mounted
Mayors CupProcession – 2nd Position – Open Tableaux
Memorial ShieldNames of past Carnavalites
Millennium CupConcert – Best Stage Setting
Pariah TrophySquibbing – The Longest Lasting Squib
Polar Bear CupProcession – 4th Position – Local Feature
Ray Bown CupConcert – 2nd Position – Tableaux
Ray Haysham CupProcession – 2nd Position – Comic Feature Mounted
Reg Dyer CupConcert – Personality Award
Roger Hobbs CupProcession – 1st Position – Pairs
Sam Hooper CupConcert – Tableaux or Feature – White Hart Cup runner up
Shaun Robbin CupProcession – 3rd Position – Open Feature
Skipper CupProcession – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle – Open
Social CupProcession – 1st Position – For Those With Disablities
Stan Bown CupProcession – Most Improved Feature – Local
Starkey CupConcert – Best Dancing Troupe
Suffragettes CupConcert – Best Costume
Turner CupProcession – 1st Position – Juvenile Masquerader on Foot
U.W.B. Usher CupProcession – 1st Position – Open Feature
W & F Wills CupProcession – 2nd Position – Local Tableaux
Walter Hooper CupProcession – 3rd Position – Local Feature
Wessex CupProcession – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle Driver
White Hart CupConcert – 1st Position – Tableaux or Feature
Winslade CupProcession – Best Lighting Display – Local Mounted Entries