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Aquarius Studio Cup


Inscribed: – The Aquarius Studio Cup

The Aquarius Studio Cup was given by Keith Openshaw of Middlezoy,  photographer for Bridgwater Carnival Procession and Concerts, who was also one of the first to video the procession.

When the cup was first awarded Mr Openshaw was asked to provide his own  judges and he presented the winner with the cup and a free colour photograph.

Awarded for: – Procession – Best single or group of costumes – all classes.

Re-awarded in 2002 for – Procession – Best Costume – Mounted entries. In 2017 this will be amended to Best Costume & Make Up or Mask.

This cup was presented in 1975.

List of Winners:
1976 The Golliwog Floral Dance John Burland – Pack Horse C.C., Mark
1977 Plaktron of Aqualantis Marketeers C.C., Bridgwater
1978 Temple Dancers of Thailand Grenadiers C.C., Bridgwater
1979 Children of the Tower Waterside C.C., Midsomer Norton
1980 Holiday on Ice Wills C.C., Bridgwater
1981 Flash Gordon Wills C.C., Bridgwater
1982 Land of Make Believe Marketeers C.C., Bridgwater
1983 The Battle of Blenheim Bohemians C.C., Bridgwater
1984 Moods of Pierrot Hillview J.C.C., Burnham-on-Sea
1985 Pearlies in Colour Vagabonds C.C., Bridgwater
1986 Caribbean Showtime Ramblers C.C., Bridgwater
1987 Oriental Magic Ramblers C.C., Bridgwater
1988 Rhythm and Glitter Pegasus C.C., Wookey
1989 The King and I King William C.C., Glastonbury
1990 Chinese Calendar Bohemians C.C., Bridgwater
1991 The Story of Chess Wills C.C., Bridgwater
1992 Venetian Masquerade Windwhistle C.C., Weston-Super-Mare
1993 Mexicano Carnival Griffens C.C., Bridgwater
1994 Stormtroopers 2020 Griffens C.C., Bridgwater
1995 Silverball Mania Wills C.C., Bridgwater
1996 Twilight Café Wills C.C., Bridgwater
1997 Showbiz Spectacular Huckyduck C.C., Coleford
1998 Beauty and the Beast Wills C.C., Bridgwater
1999 Sun Nee Fie Lo Wills C.C., Bridgwater
2000 Oh No it isn’t Marketeers C.C., Bridgwater
2001 Next Stop Clowntown Marketeers C.C., Bridgwater
2002 Fireworks Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater
2003 Les Miserablés Wills C.C., Bridgwater
2004 Heyoka (Shamanic Warrior) Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2005 Halloween Wills C.C., Bridgwater
2006 Valhalla Rock Wills C.C., Bridgwater
2007 Tenochtitlan Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2008 Amadeus Wills C.C., Bridgwater
2009 Joust Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater
2010 Geppetto’s Workshop Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2011 Overthrow of the Tsar Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2012 “Race Time” Starlight Express Gemini C.C., Ilminster
2013 Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds Huckyduck C.C., Coleford
2014 = Brunels Kingdom – The Shipyard Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater
2014 = In Flanders Fields Huckyduck C.C., Coleford
2015 What Lies Beneath Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2016 The Great Fire of London Huckyduck C.C., Coleford
2017 The Flying Dutchman Huckyduck C.C., Coleford
2018 Day of the Dead Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2019 Curse of the Kraken Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater