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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Arthur Butt Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival. Arthur Butt Cup. Tableaux Open 3rd.

Arthur Butt was a committee member and judge for Bridgwater.

Awarded for: – Procession – 3rd position Open Tableaux.

List of Winners:
1984Crafts of the CountrysideWhite Hart C.C., Midsomer Norton
1985Parade of the Raja’sKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1986Pans Rescue of the Lost BoysWhite Hart C.C., Midsomer Norton
1987Votes for WomenWhite Hart C.C., Midsomer Norton
1988War of the RosesSpringfield C.C., Ilminster
1989Forever TrueHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1990From Rags to RichesHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1991OliverHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1992Entrez le CirqueKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1993Josephs Egyptian DreamKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1994Flight of FancyKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1995Quest for the CrystalKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1996StarmanHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1997The Pageant of EgyptChameleon C.C., Frome
1998The FlixShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
1999KuckuckchrenShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
2000Le Gardien du MagiqueKing William C.C., Glastonbury
2001It’s A Small WorldHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2002The Travelling ShowShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
2003Chitty Chitty Bang BangShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
2004Lights! Camera! Action!Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2005Doctor WhoShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
2006Spirit of the AncestorsHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2007CossacksKing William C.C., Glastonbury
2008Heart of the OceanKing William C.C., Glastonbury
2009BoardstiffShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
2010Museum LifeShambles C.C., Shepton Mallet
2011Boo! Haunted HouseGemini C.C., Ilminster
2012AtlantisPentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2013OZ: The Emerald CityPentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2014Roll Up, Roll Up!Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2015Scott’s Terra NovaGemini C.C., Ilminster
2016What Lies Beneath…Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2017BraveheartPentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2018No Mans LandKing William C.C., Glastonbury
2019The InmatesKing William C.C., Glastonbury