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Arthur Rainey Cup


Inscribed: – Arthur Rainey Memorial Cup. Bridgwater Carnival Concerts.

Arthur Rainey was the owner of Starkey Knight and Ford Brewery.

Awarded for: – Concert – Comedy Act.

This cup was Presented in 1965 for the best comedy front of curtain act.

In 2000 it was re-awarded for best comedy from any concert act.

List of Winners:
1965 Vagabonds Old Boys Miss Bridgwater
1966 Golden Lion Old Boys The Tableaux Game
1967 Golden Lion Old Boys Sir Harry Halfadolly and his Halle Hotshots
1968 Vagabonds Old Boys A Night to Remember
1969 Vagabonds Old Boys The Forgotten Few
1970 Vagabonds Old Boys Carnival Games
1971 Vagabonds Old Boys Silver Cord
1972 Vagabonds Old Boys Swan Lake
1973 POPS C.C. After the Night Before
1974 Vagabonds Old Boys Chedzoy Church Fete
1975 Vagabonds Old Boys Zeigfield Foolies
1976 Vagabonds Old Boys Light Fantastic
1977 Doris Allen Dolly’s Navy Lark
1978= SMC Squib C.C. The Squiblets
1978= Live Larks C.C. Fairy Elephants Frolics
1979 The Swinging Ballcocks If I were not upon the Stage
1980 The Swinging Ballcocks Council Cabaret
1981 Keith Robinson & Colin Pople  
1982 Keith Robinson & Colin Pople  
1983 Keith Robinson & Colin Pople  
1984 Not Awarded  
1985 Not Awarded  
1986 Bubble And Squeak  
1987 David Farrance  
1988 The Amazing Allcocks  
1989 Not Awarded  
1990 The Management  
1991 Mike Hancock & Trevor Gannicott  
1992 Mike Hancock & Trevor Gannicott  
1993 Not Awarded  
1994 Not Awarded  
1995 Not Awarded  
1996 The Mob  
1997 Not Awarded  
1998 H.A.S.A.L.  
1999 Rachel & Co.  
2000 H.A.S.A.L.  
2001 Surfs Up Griffens C.C.
2002 Medieval Pageant Griffens C.C.
2003 Sarah & Jimmy Melmoth  
2004 Hellraisers Griffens C.C.
2005 Bridgwater Manchips  
2006 Bridgwater Manchips  
2007 Midnight Masquerade Gremlins C.C.
2008 Dave Darling (Steve Lukins)  
2009 Pharoah’s Party Ramblers C.C.
2010 Dave Darling  
2011 Jockomo Feena Gremlins C.C.
2012 Open Sesame Ramblers C.C.
2013 Swarm Force Ramblers C.C.
2014 Kevin Cripwell  
2015 Kevin Cripwell  
2016 Pantomania Griffens C.C.
2017 Kevin Cripwell  
2018 Brandon Filler  
2019 Kevin Cripwell