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Carnival 2021 - 6pm Saturday 6th November

Athletic Sports Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Athletic Sports Cup. Perpetual Trophy.

Awarded for: – Concert – Best vocal act 2 or more.

Originally awarded in 1952 for Best Musical Act.

List of Winners:
1952Shirley Sands 
1953Betty Jackson 
1954Betty Jackson 
1955Don Ferris 
1956Janet Slocombe 
1957Doris Allen 
1958Carol Waterman 
1959Joan Cook 
1960Joan Cook & Valerie Moate 
1961Betty Wood 
1962Doris Allen 
1963Terry Dyte 
1964Cyril Quinn 
1965Hells Angels Beat Group 
1966Not Awarded 
1967Musical Group Good Time Depression 
1968Three’s a Crowd 
1969Norman English 
1970Not Awarded 
1971Arnold Sendell 
1972Bridgwater Junior Accordion Band 
1973Bridgwater Junior Accordion Band 
1974The Duons 
1975The Duons 
1976Bridgwater Accordion Band 
1977Bridgwater Accordion Band 
1978Bridgwater Accordion Band 
1979Bridgwater Accordion Band 
1980Bridgwater Accordion Band 
1981Helen Pond 
1982Helen Pond 
1983Not Awarded 
1984Not Awarded 
1986Not Awarded 
1987Joanna Maidment & Alison Cox 
1988Joanna Maidment & Alison Cox 
1989JOanna Maidment & Alison Cox 
1990Not awarded 
1991Not Awarded 
1992Not Awarded 
1993Not Awarded 
1994Two Tone 
1995College Big Band 
1996The Mob 
1997Not Awarded 
1998Not Awarded 
1999Darren Oxman & Ben Filler 
2000A Touch of Brass 
2001Hocus Pocus 
2002Stephen Holman & Natalie Boyland 
2003It’s A Girl Thing 
2004Hocus Pocus 
2005Ceri & Lizzie 
2006Not Awarded 
2007Kate & Poppy 
2008Darren Oxman & Craig Andrew 
2010Divine Time 
2011Molly & Kirby 
2012Not Awarded 
2013Belle Etoile 
2014Not Awarded 
2015Bel Canto 
2016=Cameron & Mia 
2016=Absolute Pitch 
2017Tanya & Gemma 
2018Not Awarded 
2019Ann & Emily