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Ben Squibbs Cup


Inscribed: – Ben Squibbs Insurance Brokers. Centenary Cup.

Presented to Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Committee. In Honour of the Silver Jubilee 1977.

Ben Squibbs Insurance Agents donated this cup in celebration of the companies 100th year in business, and the Silver Jubilee.

Awarded for: – Procession – 2nd position – Non Comic Feature – Open.

List of Winners:
1977 People of the Zodiac Revellers C.C. North Petherton
1978 Ram Jam Gollies Griffens C.C. Bridgwater
1979 The Rajah Revellers C.C. North Petherton
1980 Alpine Festival Avalon C.C. Glastonbury
1981 Penny Arcade Wick C.C. Glastonbury
1982 Minstrel Melody Wyrral C.C. Wells
1983 Time will Tell Buccaneers C.C. Axbridge
1984 Mystic Warriors Westonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1985 The Temple of The Sacred Tiger Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
1986 Valentine Express One Plus One C.C. Ilminster
1987 Kandy Kisses Springfield C.C. Ilminster
1988 Voodoo Magic Mendip Vale C.C. Wells
1989 Swinging in the Rain Springfield C.C. Ilminster
1990 Faces of Fun Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
1991 Wonderland Express Masqueraders C.C. Glastonbury
1992 Spirit of Arabia Harlequins C.C., Ilminster
1993 Starlight Express Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
1994 Disney On Parade Young at Heart C.C. Bridgwater
1995 Rag-a-matazz Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
1996 War Dance Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
1997 Minstrel Showtime Young at Heart C.C. Bridgwater
1998 New Starlight Express Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
1999 Sansindo Warriors Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
2000 Aztlan Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
2001 Automaton Globe C.C., Wells
2002 Mardi Gras Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
2003 Fantasmic Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
2004 Yuan-Xiao-Jie Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
2005 Theatreland Harlequin C.C. Ilminster
2006 Race Night Globe C.C., Wells
2007 Circus on Parade Globe C.C., Wells
2008 Jester Choo Choo Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2009 Incantation Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2010 Geppetto’s Workshop Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2011 Yer Tis Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2012 Rock Vegas Globe C.C., Wells
2013 City of Rock Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2014 Brunels Vision Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2015 Ice Bound Toppers C.C., North Petherton
2016 Trash City Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2017 Beautiful Creatures Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2018 Sergeant De Waterloo – Master Of The House Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2019 The Ironworks Harlequin C.C., Ilminster