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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Bert Snook Rose Bowl


Inscribed: – Bert Snook Memorial Trophy.Bert Snook was landlord of the Bull and Butcher in High Street, the Rose Bowl was presented to the Carnival Committee by his wife Doris.

Awarded for: – Concert – Best under 17 Front of Curtain Act.

The Bert Snook Rose Bowl was first awarded in 1986 as Best Front of Curtain Act.

In 1989 it was changed to 2nd position Single Vocalist.

It was again changed in 1990 and awarded as best non-winning Front of Curtain Act.

Since 1994 it has been awarded for the Best under 17 year old Front of Curtain Act.

List of Winners:
1986=Margaret Robinson 
1987=Natalie Moreau 
1987=David Farrance 
1987=Margaret Robinson 
1988Emma Davies 
1989Natalie Regan 
1990Lisa Dalley 
1991Joanne Baxter and Emma Reynolds 
1992Natalie Regan 
1993Michelle Smith 
1994Michelle Smith 
1995Clare Hunter 
1996Jodi Peppin 
1998Natasha Tuck 
1999Carly Martin 
2001Layla Holcombe 
2003Sarah & Jimmy Melmoth 
2004A Little Xtra 
2005Sarah & Jimmy Melmoth 
2006Natasha Winn 
2007Kate & Poppy 
2008Kate & Poppy 
2009Phoebe & Emma 
2010Chloe Jenkins 
2011Jessica Gardener 
2012Best Foot Forward 
2013Georgia Handel 
2014Best Foot Forward 
2015Best Foot Forward 
2016Fox King Dance Academy 
2017Devon Salinas 
2018Brandon Filler 
2019Fox King Dance Academy