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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Britvic Cup


Inscribed: – Britvic Cup.

The Britvic Cup was donated by Schweppes.

This cup was originally inscribed: “First National Advertisers Section” but  this was blanked out when the cup was re-silvered in 1986.

The cup has a silver plate on the base inscribed: – Re-Awarded 1986 to Class 6 Feature 5 or more on foot.

Awarded for: – Procession – 1st position Feature 5 or more on foot self-propelled.

Re-awarded in 2004 for: – Procession – 1st position – Groups of Masqueraders on Foot Adult – 6 or more.

This cup was first awarded in 1961 and was originally for best Trade Exhibit entry. The Trade Exhibits ceased to be in the Procession after 1975 this being the last year the cup was presented until 1986 when it was re-awarded for feature 5 or more on foot.

List of Winners:
1961Walford Caravan Distributors, Walford Cross 
1962William Keast Ltd, Bridgwater 
1963H. Kelland & Co., Bridgwater 
1964Francome Dairies, Bridgwater 
1965L.F. Jewell Ltd, Bridgwater 
1966Coates Fencing Ltd. Bridgwater 
1967Coates Fencing Ltd. Bridgwater 
1968Coates Fencing Ltd. Bridgwater 
1969John Snow & Co. Glastonbury 
1970Holidays in Spain _ Ken Richards, Bridgwater 
1971Band Box Cleaners – Bridgwater Steam Laundry 
1972Band Box Cleaners – Bridgwater Steam Laundry 
1973Fireston Tyre & Auto Services Ltd. Bridgwater 
1974Blue Cross Safety Matches – F.H. Wilmot, Trowbridge 
1975L.F. Jewell Ltd. Bridgwater 

Awarded to – Feature 5 or more on foot

1986A Mouse lived in a WindmillBrownstraws C.C., Chard
1987=Super Heroes meets the MartiansBrownstraws C.C., Chard
1987=Merv’s Magical MinstrelsMerv’s C.C., Bridgwater
1988Disney Always and ForeverBrownstraws C.C., Chard
1989Betty Woods Dance TeamWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1990Clown ‘in’ ClownsWyrral C.C., Glastonbury
1991Synchronised SwimmingWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1992Classical European TourWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1993Wilf’s Go WestWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1994Le Tunnel de ChangeWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1995Zulu Loo-LooJokers C.C., Ilminster
1996A Funny Thing HappenedWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1997AngelsWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1998Basil Flatley & DancersWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
1999Privates on ParadeJokers C.C., Ilminster
2000Match of the DayWilf’s C.C., Bridgwater
2001Circus of WonderHarelequin C.C.,Ilminster
2002Bear Back RidersZodiac C.C., Cheriton Fitzpaine
2003The Red BarrowsGemini C.C., Ilminster
2004On Your NellyZodiac C.C., Cheriton Fitzpaine
2005Snow White And The ??? DwarfsSamvantra C.C., Chapmanslade
2006Frozen In TimeExtreme C.C., Ilminster
2007Aztec GoldGemini C.C., Ilminster
2008The Betty Woods Former Pupils Formation Dance Team TooWilfs C.C., Bridgwater
2009Sweet Sugar CandymanXtreme C.C., Ilminster
2010Poker FaceXtreme C.C., Ilminster
2011Pandora’s QuestMotiv8 C.C., Yeovil
2012Western WeddingMotiv8 C.C., Yeovil
2013ImmortalMotiv8 C.C., Yeovil
2014Hear Me RoarXtreme C.C., Ilminster
2015Salute!Xtreme C.C., Ilminster
2016Come And Get The Ride of Your Life With The Wilfs And Phil The G Force!Wilfs C.C., Bridgwater
2017Light Em UpXtreme C.C., Ilminster
2018Twisted CircusXtreme C.C., Ilminster
2019The Wilfs Jungle Rock featuring Elvis Zebra and the Lemurs supported by Gerry Giraffe and the GazellesWilfs C.C., Bridgwater