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Carnival 2022 - 6pm Saturday 5th November See below!

Doug Letherby Cup


Inscribed: – Doug Letherby Cup. Single Masqueraders. Bridgwater Carnival.

Awarded for: – Procession – 1st – Single Adult Masquerader on foot Open.

This award was presented by Doug Letherby in 1983 who won the Jerry Rossiter Cup (Single Masquerader – Bridgwater entry only) on numerous occasions.

List of Winners:
1983 The Wisdom of a Fool Ian Underwood
1984 Mekon (Earths Enemy) R.B. Kingston
1985 Quasimodo Ian Underwood
1986 Up, Up and Away Bob Kingston
1987 Carnivals most loveable Scarecrow Ian Underwood
1988 Sixpence a Ride Bob Kingston
1989 Hey Diddle Diddle Martin Allen
1990 Snow White Bob Kingston
1991 Sitting Pretty Martin Allen
1992 Caf Europa Bob Kingston
1993 Lumiere Bob Kingston
1994 Star Archer Brian Gray
1995 I’m Armless Bob Kingston
1996 The Robot Stuart Cooper
1997= The Witch in Hour Marion Amor
1997= Taz-mania Brian Gray
1998= Hey Diddle Diddle Norman Bishop
1998= We’as Dreams to Catch Dave Arney
1999 Phantom de les Masque Stan Collis
2000 Iceartica – Slayer of Wolves Stan Collis
2001 Maleficent – Mother of all Evil Judy Fielding
2002 Harvest festival Lisa Arney
2003 Washee’s Laundry Lisa Arney
2004 Arachnophobia Roger Muspratt
2005 Balancing Act Andrew Plummer
2006 Robotnik Gwillym Harris
2007 Rio Rockellio Roger Muspratt-Hamilton
2008 Machi Andrew Plummer
2009 Frostika Mike Daniells
2010 Skullduggery A&A C.C.
2011 Auto-Matik A&A C.C.
2012 Atlantis A&A C.C.
2013 The Arrival of Jadis Roger Muspratt-Hamilton
2014 King Admi Roger Muspratt-Hamilton
2015 i Robot A&A C.C.
2016 Katog Academy of Carnival (Simon Jackson)
2017 Pablo’s Travelling Circus A&A C.C.
2018 Intergalactic Circus of Wonder Academy Of Carnival (Simon Jackson)
2019 One Small Step ! Academy Of Carnival (James Webber)