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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Doug Letherby Cup


Inscribed: – Doug Letherby Cup. Single Masqueraders. Bridgwater Carnival.

Awarded for: – Procession – 1st – Single Adult Masquerader on foot Open.

This award was presented by Doug Letherby in 1983 who won the Jerry Rossiter Cup (Single Masquerader – Bridgwater entry only) on numerous occasions.

List of Winners:
1983The Wisdom of a FoolIan Underwood
1984Mekon (Earths Enemy)R.B. Kingston
1985QuasimodoIan Underwood
1986Up, Up and AwayBob Kingston
1987Carnivals most loveable ScarecrowIan Underwood
1988Sixpence a RideBob Kingston
1989Hey Diddle DiddleMartin Allen
1990Snow WhiteBob Kingston
1991Sitting PrettyMartin Allen
1992Caf EuropaBob Kingston
1993LumiereBob Kingston
1994Star ArcherBrian Gray
1995I’m ArmlessBob Kingston
1996The RobotStuart Cooper
1997=The Witch in HourMarion Amor
1997=Taz-maniaBrian Gray
1998=Hey Diddle DiddleNorman Bishop
1998=We’as Dreams to CatchDave Arney
1999Phantom de les MasqueStan Collis
2000Iceartica – Slayer of WolvesStan Collis
2001Maleficent – Mother of all EvilJudy Fielding
2002Harvest festivalLisa Arney
2003Washee’s LaundryLisa Arney
2004ArachnophobiaRoger Muspratt
2005Balancing ActAndrew Plummer
2006RobotnikGwillym Harris
2007Rio RockellioRoger Muspratt-Hamilton
2008MachiAndrew Plummer
2009FrostikaMike Daniells
2010SkullduggeryA&A C.C.
2011Auto-MatikA&A C.C.
2012AtlantisA&A C.C.
2013The Arrival of JadisRoger Muspratt-Hamilton
2014King AdmiRoger Muspratt-Hamilton
2015i RobotA&A C.C.
2016KatogAcademy of Carnival (Simon Jackson)
2017Pablo’s Travelling CircusA&A C.C.
2018Intergalactic Circus of WonderAcademy Of Carnival (Simon Jackson)
2019One Small Step !Academy Of Carnival (James Webber)