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Carnival 2022 - 6pm Saturday 5th November See below!

Geordie Adamson Cup


Inscribed: – The Geordie Adamson Cup. Presented by Grace & Family.

This cup was donated by Mrs Adamson in memory of her husband.

Awarded for: – Procession – Single Masquerader Juvenile on foot – Bridgwater only.

There was an amendment in 2000 that the entrant must be in 4th position or above to be awarded this cup.

In 2012 the cup, having not been awarded since 1999 due to no eligible entries; was awarded to the entry with the Best Decorated Generator.

List of Winners:
1983 Tweety Pie Gavin Dalley, Bridgwater
1984 Kenny the Kangaroo Gavin Dalley, Bridgwater
1985 Dusty Bin Norman Marcus Letherby, Bridgwater
1986 Honey Monster Norman M. Letherby, Bridgwater
1987 Fizzy Drink Norman M. Letherby, Bridgwater
1988 Blackpool Tower Circus Zoe Russell, Bridgwater
1989 Not Awarded  
1990 El Salvador Norman M. Letherby, Bridgwater
1991 Not Awarded  
1992 Madame Mouse Lianne A’herne, Bridgwater
1993 Gordon the Golfer Lianne A’herne, Bridgwater
1994 Tequila Surprise Lianne A’herne, Bridgwater
1995= Florence Nightingale Catherine Spriggs, Bridgwater
1995= Viking Warrior Christopher Spriggs, Bridgwater
1996 St George and the Dragon Christopher Spriggs, Bridgwater
1997 Princess of the Deep Blue Sea Rainbow J.C.C., Bridgwater
1998 Mermaid Catherine Spriggs, Bridgwater
1999 Dalmation Catherine Spriggs, Bridgwater
2000 Not Awarded  
2001 Not Awarded  
2002 Not Awarded  
2003 Not Awarded  
2004 Not Awarded  
2005 Not Awarded  
2006 Not Awarded  
2007 Not Awarded  
2008 Not Awarded  
2009 Not Awarded  
2010 Not Awarded  
2011 Not Awarded  
2012 “Race Time” Starlight Express Gemini C.C., Ilminster
2013 Swarm Force Ramblers C.C., Bridgwater
2014 In Flanders Fields Huckyduck CC, Coleford
2015 Lights, Camera, Action! Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater
2016 Mexican Day of the Dead Festival Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater
2017 The Flying Dutchman Huckyduck CC, Coleford
2018 Consider Yourself (Dickensian) Marketeers C.C., Bridgwater
2019 The Silent Mary (Redemption of the Damned) Masqueraders C.C., Meare