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Carnival 2019 - 6pm Saturday 2nd November

George Bown Cup


Inscribed: – The George Bown Cup (front) Bridgwater Carnival A.S.C. (reverse side)

George Bown was Chief Marshal and Vice President, he supplied horses for the Procession and his sons Ray and Stan followed in their father’s footsteps in Bridgwater Carnival.

Ray as Treasurer and Chairman, Stan as Chief Steward and President.

Awarded for: – Concert – Best Song, Scene, Dance Novelty, Musical Act, to include all concert performances.

Originally awarded for best – Vocal Group – Concert. Re-awarded as Best Song, Dance, Novelty, or Vocal Group. Amended to present award in 2000.

List of Winners:

1951Joe Beckett 
1952Heal & Theaker 
1953Vic Smith 
1954Old George (Vic Smith) 
1955Vic Smith 
1956W. Hurford 
1957Betty Dyer & Peter Warren 
1958Janet Slocombe & Betty Dyer 
1959Betty Dyer & Peter Warren 
1960Doris Allen 
1961Winnie Hurford 
1962Geraldine King & Dianne Trevell 
1963Doris Allen 
1964Doris Allen & George 
1965Angela Cobham 
1966Angela Cobham & Susan Martin 
1967The Mademoiselles 
1968The Mademoiselles 
1969The Mademoiselles 
1970The Mademoiselles 
1971The Mademoiselles 
1972The De Jays Sisters 
1973The Ginnetts 
1974The De Jays 
1975The Ginnetts 
1976The De Jays 
1977The De Jays 
1978Hamp Junior Club – The Roaring Twenties 
1979Cossack Cavalcade 
1980Wicked Ladies 
1987Twix Twelve & Twenty 
1988=Twix Twelve & Twenty 
1988=Emma Davies School of Dancing 
1989Emma Davies School of Dancing 
1990Savoir Faire 
1991Twix Twelve & Twenty 
1992=Twix Twelve & Twenty 
1995Two Tone 
1996The Mob 
1999Savoir Faire 
2000[email protected] 
2001Hocus Pocus 
2002Stephen Holman & Natalie Boyland 
2003It’s A Girl Thing 
2004Hocus Pocus 
2005Sarah & Jimmy Melmoth 
2006Vagabonds (Umoja) 
2007Kate & Poppy 
2008Viva La Diva 
2010Divine Time 
2011Viva La Diva 
2012Best Foot Forward 
2013Best Foot Forward 
2014Viva La Diva Showgirls 
2015Viva La Diva Showgirls 
2016Viva La Diva Showgirls 
2017Viva La Diva Showgirls 
2018Viva La Diva Showgirls