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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Jerry Rossiter Cup


Inscribed: – Jerry Rossiter Cup. For Single Masqueraders. 1964.

Awarded for: – Procession – Single Masquerader on Foot – Bridgwater only.

There was an amendment in 2000 that entrants in this class must obtain 4th position or above to be awarded this cup.

List of Winners:
1964Old time HarvesterE. Richards, Bridgwater
1965Cowman of the PastE. Richards, Bridgwater
1966West Sedgemoor Withy CutterE. Richards, Bridgwater
1967Italian GypsyE. Richards, Bridgwater
1968Heading for the Town BridgeE. Richards, Bridgwater
1969Rocky’s Last TeamE. Richards, Bridgwater
1970Egyptian RegimentJack White, Bridgwater
1971British Army 1914 – 1918Jack White, Bridgwater
1972Bridgwater FishermanMervyn Richards, Bridgwater
1973Not Awarded 
1974Not Awarded 
1975=Miss Inflation 1975Miss Jayne Mansfield, Bridgwater
1975=Old Age Pensioners Backhander 1921 *E. Richards, Bridgwater
1976Dar TagnianR. Baker, Bridgwater
1977The Original Buttercup JoeMervyn Richards, Bridgwater
1978John TravoltaDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1979Fred AstaireDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1980Carmen MirandaDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1981Lady of SpainDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1982Elvis PresleyDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1983Shirley TempleDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1984LiberaceDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1985Danny la RueDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1986Gary GlitterDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1987Gene KellyDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1988El CordobesDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1989Can CanDoug Letherby, Bridgwater
1990Not Awarded 
1991Not Awarded 
1992Not Awarded 
1993Not Awarded 
1994NunPhilip Hutter, Bridgwater
1995Captain CoachPaul Cotterell, Bridgwater
1996George (Hofmeister Bear)Trevor Spriggs, Bridgwater
1997Man in BlackTrevor Spriggs, Bridgwater
1998Berti BassettTrevor Spriggs, Bridgwater
1999NeptuneTrevor Spriggs, Bridgwater
2000Not Awarded 
2001Not Awarded 
2002Not Awarded 
2003Not Awarded 
2004Not Awarded 
2005Not Awarded 
2006Not Awarded 
2007Not Awarded 
2008Not Awarded 
2009Not Awarded 
2010Not Awarded 
2011Not Awarded 
2012Not Awarded 
2013Fetch The Bone RexAcademy of Carnival, Bridgwater
2014La Phantom De La ChandelierMetamorphosis CC, Bridgwater
2015Not Awarded 
2016Not Awarded 
2017Not Awarded 
2018Not Awarded 
2019Not Awarded 

* 1975 An extract from the committee minutes of 1975 states:- Mr E. Richards refuses to accept half share of the Jerry Rossiter Cup as he contests that the other winner was under adult age. The committee felt nothing further could be done in this matter at this stage and the award still held firm despite Mr Richards feelings.