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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Judges Cup


Inscribed: – The Judges Cup presented to the best concert turn other than groups or features. (Reverse) Bridgwater Carnival.

Awarded for: – Concert – Single Vocalist

Originally awarded for Best Concert turn (front of curtain act) in 1934.

Presented in 1934 – not issued between 1938 – 1945 due to the war.

List of Winners:
1934Miss Florrie Howe-Endeavour & Mr Stanley HoweOld Man River
1935Mr T W Hicks 
1936Miss W Hurford 
1937Miss Florrie Howe & Mr Stanley Howe 
1938Mr Don Ferris 

No Concerts took place during the War years 1939 – 1945

1946Mr Ivor Rossiter 
1947C.(Carlyle) HodgsonChelsea Pensioner
1948Charles CarlyleAdmiral Blake
1949Bernard Rogers‘Burlington Bertie’
1950Joe beckett 
1951Shirley Sands 
1952Don Ferris 
1953Peggy Cotton 
1954Don Ferris 
1955Janet Slocombe 
1956Betty Jackson 
1957Jenny Wide & John Groves 
1958Jenny & John Groves 
1959Don Ferris 
1960Carol Waterman 
1961Carol Waterman 
1962Cyril Quinn 
1963Shirley Harding 
1964Janet Brown 
1965Doris Allen 
1966Shirley Harding 
1967Doris Allen 
1968Doris Allen 
1969Larry Boyd 
1970Cyril Quinn 
1971Cindy Lewis 
1972Larry Boyd 
1973Larry Boyd 
1974Keith Robinson 
1975Tony Winter 
1976Tony Winter 
1977Tony Winter 
1978Keith & Margaret Robinson 
1979=Keith & Margaret Robinson 
1979=Tony Winter 
1980Tony Winter 
1981Tony Winter 
1982Tony Winter 
1983Shirley Harding 
1984Tony Winter 
1985Tony Winter 
1986Tony Winter 
1987Margaret Robinson 
1988Emma Davies 
1989Charles Sibley 
1990Emma Davies 
1991Emma Davies 
1992Andrew Jeffrey 
1993Andrew Jeffrey 
1994Andrew Jeffrey 
1995Charlotte Marsden 
1996Michelle Smith 
1997Michelle Smith 
1998Tony Winter 
1999Jodi Peppin 
2000Carly Martin 
2001Claire Gower 
2002Michelle Smith 
2003Stephen Holman 
2004Stephen Holman 
2005Natalie J. 
2006Natasha Winn 
2007Dannielle Redman 
2008Ben Filler 
2009Sophie Morris 
2010Ian Howard 
2011Jessica Gardener 
2012Ashley Quinn 
2013Georgia Handel 
2014Georgia Handel 
2015Ben Filler 
2016Kirby Warren 
2017Jake Godfrey 
2018Brandon Filler 
2019Sam Howes