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Juvenile Cup


Inscribed: – Presented by Blake & Hardy’s C.C. t0 Bridgwater Gangs and Features Perpetual Challenge Cup for the Boat Race.

Presented by the Hardy Spicer Club when the club folded. They also presented the Hardy Spicer & Blake Cup.

Awarded for: – Procession – Juvenile Feature 2 or more on foot with or without wheeled props 1st position.

Presented in 1961 and originally awarded for the Boat Race.

In 1965 awarded as Juvenile Feature 2 or more on foot, later awarded to include with or without wheeled props.

Re-Awarded in 2004 to Any walking Entry. (Not Catered for Elsewhere).

Re-Awarded in 2009 to Group of Masqueraders (3-7).

List of Winners:

Boat Race

1961-1962 Revellers C.C.  
1962-1963 Sydenham C.C.  

Juvenile Features

1965 Fry’s Turkish Delight V Toon & Co.
1966 The Wooden Horse of Troy M. Ryder & Co.
1967 The Diddy people J. Hucker & Co.
1968 Those were the Days Miss J. Richards & Co.
1969 A Christmas Card Rosewood Close Gang
1970 Ladies of T.V. M. Bell, Bridgwater
1971 The Crown Jewels Rosewood Close C.C.
1972 The Garden Gnomes Rosewood Close C.C.
1973 Diddy Carnival Rosewood Close C.C.
1974 The Goodies Spirits C.C., Bridgwater
1975 Slave Traders Andrew Harvy & Co.
1976 Fire Fighters C.A. & R. Ives
1977 Santa and his Toys Young Generation C.C.
1978 Star Troopers Krazy Kids C.C.
1979 Sydenham Green Falcon Majorettes  
1980 Characters of Old London Town Eastenders C.C.
1981 Young Bookworms Favourites Eastenders C.C.
1982 An English Country Garden West End Bakery C.C.
1983 The Wandering Gypsies Eastenders C.C.
1984 The Garden Gang Young Generation C.C.
1985 Roaming Gnomes Joanne Cheffey & Co.
1986 Chinese Carnival Young Generation C.C.
1987 Beak to Beak Young Generation C.C.
1988 Living in a Box Young Generation C.C.
1989 Mad Hatters on Parade Young Generation C.C.
1990 Run Rabbit Run Young Generation C.C.
1991 Charmed Wedding Arneys C.C.
1992 Gypsies on Tour Young Generation C.C.
1993 Chinese Celebrations Young Generation C.C.
1994 I’m Just Aladdin A. & D. Bullock
1995 Road to Rio Young Renegades C.C.
1996 Winter Wonderland Young Renegades C.C.
1997 It’s Christmas Shepton Bunch
1998 It’s Panto Land Young Renegades C.C.
1999 Country Style Young Renegades C.C.
2000 Pride of Wales Shazam J.C.C.
2001 Western Delights Identity Community Arts Trust
2002 Road To Rio Young Renegades C.C.

Any Walking Entry (Not Catered for Elsewhere).

2003 Devils Delight Young Ones C.C., Bridgwater
2004 Just Jesting Zem C.C., Chard
2005 Mexicano Zem C.C., Chard
2006 Whizz Bang A & A C.C., Kilmington
2007 Clowning Around Zem C.C., Chard
2008 Space Tic Toc C.C., Axminster

Group of Masqueraders (3-7).

2009 Cartoon Characters Fantasy C.C., Bridgwater
2010 Something Different Nor-Manics C.C., Radstock
2011 Phoenix Rising Next Generation C.C., Gillingham
2012 Glowing Skies Next Generation C.C., Gillingham
2013 Aurora Borealis Smandy’s C.C., Radstock
2014 Guardians Of Fraener Smandy’s C.C., Radstock
2015 Dia De Los Muertos Smandy’s C.C., Radstock
2016 Metal Widow Just Peachy C.C., Bridgwater
2017 Professor Lillylicks Marvellous Elixir Smandy’s C.C., Radstock
2018 Bedouin Smandy’s C.C., Radstock
2019 Bugzy Malone Smandy’s C.C., Radstock