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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Mayors Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Mayors Cup, presented by Mike Cresswell.

Awarded for: – Procession – 2nd position Tableaux – Open

This cup was presented by Mike Creswell a member of the Griffens C.C. when Mayor of Bridgwater.

List of Winners:
1983The Sapa Inca – Son of the SunPentathlon C.C., North Petherton
1984Alice in WonderlandKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1985Smugglers InnHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1986Sapphire MandarinKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1987Royal TattooKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1988Butterfly BallKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1989The King and IKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1990Tattooist DreamKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1991Call of the BraveKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1992El CidPentathlon C.C., North Petherton
1993DinotopiaHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1994The Parade of AliPentathlon C.C., North Petherton
1995Toyo NoHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1996PolarizationKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1997Minstrel MasqueradersKing William C.C., Glastonbury
1998Sending Seasons GreetingsHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
1999Hunchback of Notre DameHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2000Flamenco FiestaHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2001Tales of Beatrix PotterShambles C.C. , Shepton Mallet
2002Disney’s Heroes & Villians (The Game)Pentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2003Everyone’s Favourite LadyHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2004All The Fun of the FairHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2005Bal MasquePentathlon C.C., North Petherton
2006Kong Hey Fat ChoiGemini C.C., Ilminster
2007NarniaHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2008Ghost Riders in the SkyOasis C.C., Frome
2009Alice’s DreamHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2010ColosseumGemini C.C., Ilminster
2011Way Out WestHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2012Hannibal (Romes Worst Nightmare)Huckyduck C.C., Coleford
2013Jeff Wayne’s War of the WorldsHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2014Transformers…The CubeGemini C.C., Ilminster
2015GatsbyHuckyduck C.C., Coleford
2016PhantomGemini C.C., Ilminster
2017SteampunkGemini C.C., Ilminster
2018P.T.BarnumGemini C.C., Ilminster
2019Butterfly BallGemini C.C., Ilminster