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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Memorial Shield


Inscribed: – To the affectionate memory of those whose lives were devoted to Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival. This Memorial Shield is most respectfully dedicated.

In the mid 1980’s the Carnival Committee decided that there were adequate carnival cup awards. It was agreed to have a Memorial Shield, donations instead of cups would help with the costly upkeep of the present cups.

Silver plaques on the shield are in memory of the following Carnivalites.

List of names that appear on the Memorial Shield:
1982Ted WillsPresident BGFC
1984William (Bill) HooperBGFC
1986Clifford Harris J.P.President & Life Member BGFC
1987Fred Betty M.B.E.President & Life Member BGFC
1988Sid ThorneVice President BGFC
1988Cliff JarvisPresident & Life Member
1988Bill PorterBGFC
1988Albert Searle 
1989Ken GurdChief Marshal & Life Member
1989Clive Harding 
1989Mick MerrettVice President
1989Mark ‘Tremble’ TaylorGremlins CC
1989W. Oscar CoatePresident BGFC
1990Ted LockyerFounder Member Gremlins CC
1990Peter ‘Geronimo’ WhiteVagabonds CC
1990Chris AllenLife Member BGFC
1990Gordon FisherChief Marshal BGFC
1990Hector BallLife Member BGFC
1991Rachael Bown 
1991Ray BownLife Member BGFC
1991Stan BownPresident & Life Member BGFC
1991Dennis ‘Viney’ VinnecombeVagabonds CC
1991George HurleyLife Member BGFC
1992John (Fargo) BakerGolden Lion CC
1992John FarranceStage Manager BGFC
1993Alan John RawleMarketeers/Wills CC
1993Doris (Dolly) PerryVice President BGFC
1994Stan EvisVice President BGFC
1994Stanley A. AndrewsCenturion CC
1994Mike BiddiscombeMarketeers CC
1995Frank J ComptonBritish Flag CC
1995Brendan PerrettGremlins CC
1995Ray Sellick 
1996Ray HealVagabonds CC
1996Cyril QuinnPig & Whistle CC
1997Peter BlackmoreBGFC
1997John WarrenGriffens CC
1998Jack CrowtherCenturion CC
1998Charlie MockridgeFounder Life Member of Marketeers CC
1998Bill GoodlandBohemians CC
1999Terry SampsonWills CC
2001Walt CreedyLife Member Committee & Founder of Vagabonds CC
2002Ken ParsonsPresident Committee & Life Member Vagabonds CC
2002Alma ThorneGremlins President
2003Kevin DurantMarketeers CC
2003Gerry CrixBohemians CC
2003Steve BakerJudge & British Flag CC
2004Fred SnowPresident Lime Kiln & Life Member Committee
2004Bill BirdLime Kiln CC
2004Basil PatelVice President Committee & Gremlins CC
2005William (Bill) GrandfieldCommittee Member BGFC
2006Colin Stone J.P.Chairman & Vice President BGFC
2006Ron CurryVagabonds CC and Committee Member BGFC
2006Maureen (Mo) BiffenLively Larks
2006Steve CaseCavaliers CC
2006Anthony CaseCavaliers CC
2006John (Dinger) BellGremlins Founder Member
2007Stewart CaseLife Member Cavaliers CC
2007Oliver KingLife Member BGFC
2008Doris SnowCommittee & President Lime Kiln CC
2009William (Bill) PollockBritish Flag CC
2009Joshua Mark CoxRoad Runners & Marina Sydenham JCC
2009Elizabeth May BiffenCatering BGFC
2009John FurslandRamblers CC
2009David Thurston PattenPresident & Life Member Committee
2010Jim BartlettLife Member BGFC
2010Brian ButtleConcert & Road Judge
2010Joyce M CavillCatering BGFC
2010Pat HurfordLively Larks & VP Lime Kiln CC
2010Bill BiffenPresident & Life Member BGFC, Life Member Lime Kiln CC
2010Irene HooperLife Member BGFC
2011Kath Rossiter (Culverwell)Road Judge & Catering
2011Adrian ClarkeVagabonds & Committee Member BGFC
2012Les CriddlePresident & Life Member BGFC
2012Gerry RossiterCommittee Member BGFC & Squibbing Team
2013Ted PuttLife Member, Vagabonds CC
2014Colin “Knox” GardnerPresident & Life Member, Vagabonds CC
2014Janet HarveyAssociate Member BGFC
2014Clive KettVice President & Squibbing Officer BGFC
2014Jeff SlocombeLife Member Lime Kiln CC & Committee Member BGFCC
2014Geoff TurnerRoad Judge & Associate Member BGFC
2015David Pople (Peanut)Life Member Ramblers CC
2015Geoffrey Howes (Jesse)Past President & Life Member Vagabonds CC
2016Ivor DepledgeVagabonds CC Concert & Road Judge
2016Owen Anthony (Ossie)Life Member Ramblers CC
2016Alan ElsonLife Member Marketeers CC
2016Charlie RadfordMarketeers CC
2016Jerry HigginsMarketeers CC, Toppers CC & Centurion CC Tractor Driver
2016Bill CogginsVice President Marketeers CC
2017Raymond SandyFounder Member Vagabonds CC
2017Ray CourtLife Member Vagabonds CC & Carnival Judge
2017Martyn AllenLime Kiln CC & British Flag CC
2017Terry HurfordPast President & Life Member Lime Kiln CC
2017Carol WatermanConcert Artiste – Grotbags
2017Jerry StedmanTown Hall Caretaker & Cross Rifles Colts CC
2018Terry BrittonPast President & Life Member Vagabonds CC
2018Graham WebbHinkley Point CC / Bohemian CC
2018Alan “Skiddo” ChidgeyLife Member Marketeers CC
2018Paul MorrisLife Member Wills CC & Road Judge
2018June FarranceDressmaker British Flag, Marketeers & Ramblers CC
2018Ed ThornePast President & Life Member Gremlins CC
2018Sylvia PalmerDressmaker for 25 years Vagabonds CC
2018Eric DibbleMember Crown Inn CC
2019William (Bill) HollandPast President & Life Member BGFC & Vagabonds CC 
2019Michael (Mike) HurleyLife Member BGFC & VP Ramblers CC
2019Gordon ShattockBGFC Committee & Griffens CC
2019Ray TaylorLife Member Lime Kiln CC
2019Philip (Phil) PurseyLife Member Gremlins CC
2019Gary CavillRamblers CC
2019Rosina ChidgeyVice President Marketeers CC