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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Reg Dyer Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Reg Dyer Cup

Reg was the landlord of the Nags Head and later the Cardiff Arms. He was the conductor and clarinet player for the Carnival Concert Orchestra. His daughter Betty Woods won her fathers cup on several occasions. His Great grandson, Ben Houlihan also won the cup in 1997.

Awarded for: – Concert – Personality Award

List of Winners:
1969Julia McDonald 
1970Fred Snow 
1971Mrs M Hancock 
1972Ken Parsons 
1973Paul Winter 
1974Colin Gardner 
1975Betty Woods 
1976Martin Phillips 
1977John Baker 
1978Betty Woods 
1979Angela Davey 
1980Angela Fursland 
1981Andrew Cridge 
1982Colin Pople 
1983Cindy Dunster 
1984Martin Hodge 
1985Natalie Moreau 
1986Sarah Page 
1987Colin Gardner 
1988Garry Chidgey 
1989Mark Keirle 
1990Clair Hunter 
1991Colin Heath 
1992Trevor Gannicott 
1993Betty Woods 
1994Colin Heath 
1995=Tony Nash 
1995=Dave Larey 
1995=Dean Webber 
1996Becki Marke 
1997Ben Houlihan 
1998Andy Wood 
1999Jodi Peppin 
2000Martin Hodge 
2001Claire Pople 
2002Alan Scott 
2003Jimmy Melmoth 
2004Clare Brimble 
2005=Ben Filler 
2005=John Holliday 
2006Matt Bell 
2007John Aherne 
2008Ben Filler 
2009Andy Meek 
2010Darren Oxman 
2011Andy Meek 
2012Ashley Quinn 
2013Dean Webber 
2014Kevin Cripwell 
2015Andy Meek 
2016Liam Frampton 
2017Ann Philcox 
2018Brandon Filler 
2019Korben Drew