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Shaun Robbin Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival the Shaun Robbin Cup presented 1979.

Mrs Lynn Robbin presented the cup to the committee in memory of her husband Shaun Robbin who was a member of Bath Bridge C.C. for many years.

Awarded for: – Procession – 3rd position – Open Feature Non Comic.


List of Winners:

1979 Yellow Rose of Texas Westonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1980= Winter Wonderland Wick C.C., Glastonbury
1980= Royal Pearls Mrs V J Davis, Shepton Mallet
1981 “180” Mendip Hospital C.C., Wells
1982 Musical Masquerade Wick C.C., Glastonbury
1983 Cosmic Warriors Globe C.C., Wells
1984 Cats Wyrral C.C., Wells
1985 Legion of the Damned Globe C.C., Wells
1986 Santa Claus Globe C.C., Wells
1987 Mary Poppins Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
1988 Living in America Masqueraders C.C., Glastonbury
1989 Remember Remember Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
1990 Sail the Ocean Blue Domino C.C., Chard
1991 Flying Circus Domino C.C., Chard
1992 Under the Sea Young At Heart C.C., Bridgwater
1993 Anytime you’re Lambeth Way Pegasus C.C., Wells
1994 Rio Brasillia Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
1995 Clowns on Parade Mendip Vale C.C., Wells
1996 Moloong Young At Heart C.C., Bridgwater
1997 Fire Cracker Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
1998 Starlight Express Prattens C.C., Midsomer Norton
1999 Circus Showtime Prattens C.C., Midsomer Norton
2000 Yuletide Wick C.C., Glastonbury
2001 Hell Fire Gemini C.C., Ilminster
2002 Desfile Globe C.C., Wells
2003 Nian Globe C.C., Wells
2004 Tenocha Globe C.C., Wells
2005 Shikra Wick C.C., Glastonbury
2006 Samba Carnaval Harlequin C.C., Ilminster
2007 Wild Boyz Wick C.C., Glastonbury
2008 Mardi Gras (Jesters) Wick C.C., Glastonbury
2009 Ahtena Globe C.C., Wells
2010 Draco-Militus (Dragon Warrior) Westonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
2011 Elf Made Globe C.C., Wells
2012 Circus Westonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
2013 Head Hunters Globe C.C., Wells
2014 Dead Men Tell No Tales Eclipse C.C., Chard
2015 Under The Sea Globe C.C., Wells
2016 Loggers Yard Eclipse C.C., Chard
2017 Drunken Sailor Westonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
2018 Sheng Xiao (Chinese New Year) Wick C.C., Glastonbury
2019 White Bones Ranch, Ghost Riders in the Sky Westonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland