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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Social Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, 1963, Perpetual Social Cup for Skittles K.O. Championship.

Awarded for: – Procession – Class 8 – Anything Goes.

Presented in 1963 as the cup for the Winner for Social Events. It was last presented for social events in 1973.

In 1991 – 1994 it was awarded for the skittles contest between the Carnival Committee Marshals and Carnival Collection Teams.

In 1998 it was presented for Class 8 in which miscellaneous participants of the procession were put and named as Anything Goes.

In 2004 it was re-awarded for Any Mounted Entry (not catered for elsewhere)

In 2013 it was re-awarded for Class 15  for those with Disabilities.

In 2019 it was re-awarded for Class 13 for Single or Pairs with Wheeled Props.

List of Winners:
 Social Events Winners 
1963Lime Kiln C.C., Bridgwater 
1964Black Horse C.C., Bridgwater 
1965Devonshire Old Boys C.C., Bridgwater 
1966Wills C.C., Bridgwater 
1967Not Awarded 
1968Coates Fencing C.C., Bridgwater 
1969Wills C.C., Bridgwater 
1970Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater 
1971Commercial C.C., Bridgwater 
1972Gremlins C.C., Bridgwater 
1973British Flag C.C., Bridgwater 
1974*(see below) 

Skittles Team -Contest between Carnival Committee Marshals & Collection

1991Marshals (Capt. Alan Jones) 
1992Marshals (Capt. Alan Jones) 
1993Marshals Ladies (Capt.Rita Jones) 
1994 – FebMarshals (Capt. Dave Croker) 
1994 – SeptMarshals (Capt. Alan Jones) 

Class 8 – Anything Goes

1998Postman Pat 11George Brimacombe BEM, Watchet
1999A Childs Best DreamRachel Churches, Godney
2000Squeak and SquallRachel Churches, Godney
2001Magic of the LampBarnstaple C.C., Barnstaple
2002ElizabethBarnstaple Fair C.C., Barnstaple
2003Mardi Gras with the Queen of the Setting SunBarnstaple Fair C.C., Barnstaple

Class 14 – Any Mounted Entry (not catered for elsewhere)

2004Royal Barum FigurinesBarnstaple C.C., Barnstaple
2005Gallery – Royal BarumBarnstaple C.C., Barnstaple
2006Dance FeverDomino C.C., Chard
2007Georges Fairground SceneGeorge Brimacombe BEM, Watchet
2008Jungle SafariCameron Cooke, South Brent
2009Not Awarded 
2010Not Awarded 
2011Not Awarded 
2012Not Awarded 
Class 15 – Class for those with Disabilities
2013The Dag ArrowsDisability Action Group, North Dorset
2014Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane, No It’s…….The Academy Of Carnival
2015Sister MichaelThe Academy Of Carnival
2016Head of the TableThe Academy Of Carnival (Mike Daniells)
2017Martian MikeThe Academy Of Carnival (Mike Daniells)
2018PC MikeThe Academy Of Carnival (Mike Daniells)
2019Splish Splash Mike is taking a BathThe Academy Of Carnival (Mike Daniells)

*There is no engraving on this cup for 1974 but the Skipper Cup shows that Pig & Whistle were the runners up for this year.

It is recorded in the committee minutes the Pig & Whistle and Hope Inn were in the finals of the Skittle Competition, it can therefore be assumed that Hope Inn were the winners.