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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

Starkey Cup


Inscribed: – The Starkey Cup for best individual item at the Bridgwater Carnival Concert 3 or more persons.

The cup was donated by brewers Starkey, Knight and Ford.

Presented in 1935 originally for best ‘front of curtain’ act 3 or more persons.

Awarded for: – Concert – Dancing Troupe.



List of Winners:

1935Sao Paulo Accordion Band 
1936The Four Aces 
1938Miss Sendells Troupe (Snow White) 

No Concerts took place during the War years 1939 – 1945

1946Regal Girls 
1947The Premier Accordion Band 
1948Mrs Una McDonalds Dancing Troupe 
1949Regal Dancers 
1950Regal Dancers (Mrs Jones) 
1951Mrs McDonalds Troupe 
1952Mrs McDonalds Troupe 
1953=Regal Girls 
1953=Heal & Theaker 
1954Mrs Jacksons Accordion Band 
1956Mrs Martins Regal Girls 
1957Mrs Martins Regal Girls 
1958Regal Dancers 
1959Regal Girls 
1960Regal Dancers 
1961Davi Dancing Girls 
1962Jimmy Treharne and his Pressmen 
1963Pantomime Dancing TroupeBritish Cavaleade
1964Pantomime Dancing TroupeGay Life of Paris
1965Pantomime Dancing TroupeQueen Elizabeth 11
1966Pantomime Dancing TroupeLondon by Day and Night
1967Bridgwater Pantomime Madjettes Dancing Troupe 
1968Bridgwater Pantomime Society Dancing Troupe 
1969Mini Minstrels 
1970=Talk of the Town 
1970=Seasonal Greetings 
1971J. McDonald Dancers 
1972J. McDonald Dancers 
1973Wicked Ladies 
1974Wicked Ladies 
1975Junior Dancers 
1976Julia McDonald Junior Dancers 
1977Wicked LadiesClowns
1978Angela Furslands Silver Jubilee Dancers 
1979Julia McDonald Junior Dancers 
1980Angela Furslands Juvenile Dancers 
1981=Hamp Juvenile C.C. 
1981=Julia McDonald Dancers 
1982Angela Furslands Juvenile Dancers 
1983Julia McDonald DancersRolling Round the World
1984=Julia McDonald DancersJust Another Show
1984=Angela Furslands Juvenile DancersBugsy’s Place
1985Julia McDonald DancersRags to Riches
1986Julia McDonald DancersHawaiian Paradise
1987Julia McDonald Junior DancersBlack & White Cavalcade
1988Julia McDonald Junior DancersAt Your Service
1989Julia McDonald Junior DancersGalaxy to the Stars
1990Julia McDonald Junior DancersSmile
1991Julia McDonald Junior DancersThrough the Seasons
1992Julia McDonald Junior DancersA Champagne Toast to Europe
1993Sally Williams DancersShip Ahoy
1994Sally Williams DancersAnimal World
1995Sally Williams DancersRags to Riches
1996=Julia McDonald DancersRazzamataz
1996=Sally Williams DancersSomething sort of Grandish
1997Julia McDonald DancersColour my World
1998Sally Williams DancersStrike up the Band
1999Julia McDonald DancersBroadway Melody
2000Julia McDonald DancersRagtime
2001Julia McDonald DancersEnchanted Garden
2002Julia McDonald DancersFantasea
2003Julia McDonald DancersAnother Time, Another Space
2004Julia McDonald DancersChica Latina
2005Julia McDonald DancersBirds of a Feather
2006Sally Williams DancersCandyland
2007Julia McDonald DancersVoila Paris
2008Sally Williams DancersOn Safari
2009Sally Williams DancersOnce Upon A Time
2010Sally Williams DancersSea Of Dreams
2011Julia McDonald Dance CompanyGo Go Go Joseph
2012Julia McDonald Dance CompanyMusical Cats
2013Julia McDonald Dance CompanyConsider Yourself One of Us
2014Sally Williams DancersLife’s A Celebration
2015Julia McDonald Dance CompanyThe Big Jig
2016Sally Williams DancersGeronimo
2017Sally Williams DancersCircle Of Life
2018Sally Williams DancersNight In A Museum
2019Julia McDonald Dance CompanyCome and meet those Dancing Feet