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Carnival 2022 - 6pm Saturday 5th November See below!

Turner Cup


Inscribed: – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, The Single Masquerader Juvenile, Presented by F. Turner & Son Ltd.

Awarded for: – Procession – Single Masquerader Juvenile on Foot – Open.

List of Winners:
1981 A Waspee Paul Merrifield
1982 Egg Stravaganza Exstraordinaire Nicola Putt
1983 Miss United Nations Nicola Putt
1984 Old Timer Richard Kingston
1985 Dusty Bin Norman Letherby
1986 Planet Sweet Joanna Kingston
1987 The Goddess of Sun Lisa Mead
1988 Billy Burger Stuart Kingston
1989 Eternal Flame Lisa Mead
1990 I Taut I Saw A Puddy Tat Tracey Allen
1991 Hearts of Gold Claire Parker
1992 Madame Mouse Lianne A’herne
1993 Have you seen Henry Emma Kingston
1994 Fusion of the Elements Claire Parker
1995 Lola Sharon Allen
1996 Guy Fawkes in Glass Mikaela Dredge
1997 Bat out of Hell Emma Kingston
1998 His Galactic Eminence Daniel Fielding
1999 Mardi Gras Jodie Mitchell
2000 Ocean Magic Amber Sewell
2001 Son et Lumiere Jodie- Bea Mitchell
2002 Time Jodie- Bea Mitchell
2003 Seaside Sunset Sarah Miller
2004 Jumping Wild Amber Sewell
2005 Storm Sensation Hannah Elswood
2006 Egyptus, Guardian of the Nile Hayley Daniels
2007 Somerset’s Sambadrome Hayley Daniels
2008 Joker of the Pack Hayley Daniels
2009 By Jiminy! Matthew Parker
2010 Inti Amy Pickersgill
2011 Upsanddownz Carina Haines
2012 Phanton-En-Violet Aiden J Pearcy
2013 Winter Comes To Failryland Rio Welsh
2014 Queen Of The Knights Carina Haines
2015 Czarevna’s Glacial Odyssey Carina Haines
2016 Age of the Dragon Lily Cumming
2017 Nihon Samvantra Juniors
2018 The Queen Samvantra Juniors
2019 Rag ‘N’ Boneman Ethan Pickersgill