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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

U.W.B. Usher Cup


Inscribed: – Presented to Bridgwater Carnival by U.W.B. 1961

This cup was donated by Usher Wiltshire Brewers.

Awarded for: – Procession – Feature Non Comic 1st position – Open.


List of Winners:

1961Hobo’s Bingo School of Lousy LousyCoopers Arms C.C., Highbridge
1962Alice in WonderlandFirst Venturers, Burnham-on-Sea
1963Fiesta TimeWick Young Farmers C.C., Glastonbury
1964The Old Mill StreamWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1965Night of GladnessWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1966The Old Swiss ClockWick Young Farmers C.C., Glastonbury
1967Cleopatra Enters RomeWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1968Efzones-The Palace Guards of GreceWick Young Farmers C.C., Glastonbury
1969Festival of Magha PujaWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1970Cossack WeddingY.M.C.A. C.C., Bridgwater
1971The King and IY.M.C.A. C.C., Bridgwater
1972Parade of the PaintsWick C.C., Glastonbury
1973Minstrels in SpaceThe Onedin C.C., Burnham-on-Sea
1974Plaza-de-TorosRevellers C.C., North Petherton
1975Barge of the Dragon EmperorSwan Revellers C.C., North Petherton
1976War, Love and PeaceBath Bridge Griffens C.C., Bridgwater
1977War Lords of DestinyBath Bridge Griffens C.C., Bridgwater
1978A Tribute to Johann StraussRevellers C.C., North Petherton
1979Parade of GloryBuccaneers C.C., Biddisham
1980My Grandfathers ClockBuccaneers C.C., Biddisham
1981Glitter PillarWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1982Whole World in his HandsWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1983Festive FantasyWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1984Stand and DeliverGlobe C.C., Wells
1985It’s a Leprechauns LifeDomino C.C., Chard
1986Uncle Sam’s Roller CoasterHarlequin C.C., Ilminster
1987Ole OleWestonzoyland C.C., Westonzoyland
1988Typically TopicalHarliquin C.C., Ilminster
1989Showtime IlluminationsMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1990Calypso 2000Masqueraders C.C., Meare
1991SpellboundHarliquin C.C., Ilminster
1992ChenMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1993XangoMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1994Alien-ationMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1995Rock n Roll ChristmasMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1996Intergalactic CircusMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1997EFXMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1998Live at Las VegasMasqueraders C.C., Meare
1999BusaMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2000Mi-Looney-Um 2000Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2001Jack’s BackMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2002WizballMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2003Rise of the MachinesMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2004Heyoka (Shamanic Warrior)Masqueraders C.C., Meare
2005PhantomMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2006Y n HuMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2007Wrath of NeptuneMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2008Festival of the Lion KingHarlequin C.C., Ilminster
2009Burlesque CabaretMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2010The OdysseyMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2011Baron Von Schmidtts International Flying CircusMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2012The Journey Of The Polar Bear QueenMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2013StampedeMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2014TortugaHarlequin C.C., Ilminster
2015Fogg’s World TourHarlequin C.C., Ilminster
2016Underground ExpressHarlequin C.C., Ilminster
2017War Horse – The Journey HomeMasqueraders C.C., Meare
2018The Greatest ShowHarlequin C.C., Ilminster
2019The Silent Mary (Redemption of the Damned)Masqueraders C.C., Meare