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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

1987 Concert Results

1That Yankee Doodle DandyVagabonds CCWhite Hart Cup
2RedskinsMarketeers CCElizabeth Ann James Cup
3Oriental MagicRamblers CCBarrie Lintern Trophy
4Penguin ParadeGriffens CCLime Kiln Anniversary Cup
5Spanish SerenadeGremlins CC
6RazzamajazzBritish Flag CC
7Monopoly – The Name Of The GameLime Kiln CC
8Puppets PlaytimeYMCA CC
9Rhythm Of The IslandsCrusaders CC
10It’ A Kind Of MagicRenegades CC
11New BeginningCavaliers CC


1Phantom Of The OperaWills CCSam Hooper Cup
2Arthur And GuinevereBohemian CCRay Bown Cup
3The Kingdoms Of Fire And IceCenturion CC
4The Reign Of Henry VIIIPariah CC

Dancing Troupe

1Black & White CavalcadeJulia McDonald Junior DancersStarkey Cup
2Angela Fursland Junior Dancers

Cup Awards

Margaret RobinsonBest Single VocalistJudges Cup
=David FarranceBest Front of Curtain ActBert Snook Rose Bowl
=Margaret RobinsonBest Front of Curtain ActBert Snook Rose Bowl
=Natalie MoreauBest Front of Curtain ActBert Snook Rose Bowl
Vagabonds CCMost Improved ClubLes Manley Cup
David FarranceBest Comic ActArthur Rainey Cup
Joanna Maidment & Alison CoxBest Vocal Act (two or more)Athletic Sports Cup
Colin GardnerPersonality AwardReg Dyer Cup
Twixt Twelve And TwentyBest Song, Dance, Musical or Novelty ActGeorge Bown Cup
Marketeers CCBest CostumeSuffragettes Cup