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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

2015 Procession Results

Class 1 – Tableau Cart Open
1What Lies BeneathPentathlon CC, North Petherton
2GatsbyHuckyduck CC, Coleford
3Scott’s Terra NovaGemini CC, Ilminster
4WaterlooKing William CC, Glastonbury
5Gnome Sweet GnomeOasis CC, Frome
6V.E. DayUnicorn CC, Bridgwater
Class 2 – Tableau Cart Local
1The Secret CreedWills CC, Bridgwater
2Victorian ChristmasCenturion CC, Bridgwater
Class 3 – Feature Cart Open
1Fogg’s World TourHarlequin CC, Ilminster
2Ice BoundToppers CC, North Petherton
3Under The SeaGlobe CC, Wells
4VamparadeCobra CC, Wells
5Madagascar Europe’s Most WantedEclipse CC, Chard
6WonkaShambles CC, Shepton Mallet
7SherlockMendip Vale CC, Wells
8Temple Of LightHot Rock CC, Gillingham
9Welcome To Las VegasSidvale CC, Sidford
10The Big TopGorgons CC, Wells
11VikingsWestonzoyland CC, Westonzoyland
12Law And DisorderBudleigh Salterton CC, Budleigh Salterton
13Halloween (The Witching Hour)Aliens CC, Midsomer Norton
Class 4 – Feature Cart Local
1Lights, Camera, ActionGremlins CC, Bridgwater
2NoahMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
3Gangs Of GothamRamblers CC, Bridgwater
4Texas Town 1869Renegades CC, Bridgwater
5In TimeGriffens CC, Bridgwater
6ShowboatLime Kiln CC, Bridgwater
7EncoreBritish Flag CC, Bridgwater
8ShazaamVagabonds CC, Bridgwater
9Evil WithinCavaliers CC, Bridgwater
10WonderlandYMCA CC, Bridgwater
11Happy BirthdayCrusaders CC, Bridgwater
Class 5 – Comic Feature Cart
1Oh What A BeautyNewmarket CC, Bridgwater
2Carnival QueenCary Comedians CC, Castle Cary
3Monster Mash2R’s CC, Temple Cloud
4Medical MisfitsOne Plus One CC, Ilminster
5Gone Fishin’Nunsford Nutters CC, Colyton
6Rock PotsJust Georges CC, Sturminster Newton
7Jungle RumbleLuckington CC, Radstock
8TimberWells & Glastonbury YFCC
9ShoutPoppe Inne, South Chard
10Wrinkles RaveMardons CC, Midsomer Norton
Class 6 – Juvenile Cart
1Marine Ahoy!Marina Sydenham JCC, Bridgwater
2It’s A CrackerHillview JCC, Burnham on Sea
3Clowns PartyKey Kids JCC, Glastonbury
4EspanaSouth Brent CC, South Brent
Class 7 – Groups of Masqueraders Adult
1Salute!Xtreme CC, Ilminster
2The Parade Of Ali’Vagabonds CC, Bridgwater
3Way Out WestBridgwater Belles, Bridgwater
4Can We Fix It?Highwayman CC, Shepton Mallet
5Wilfs Present 2000 Leagues Under The Sea And Still Going DownWilfs CC, Bridgwater
Class 8 – Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
1Under The SeaRhythm Fever, Meare
2Arabian NightsChameleon Batonettes, Bridgwater
3Samba BrazilSomerset Sapphire Majorettes, Bridgwater
4Happy Birthday 2Crusaders Cubs, Bridgwater
Class 9 – Groups of Masqueraders (3 – 7)
1Dia De Los MuertosSmandy’s CC, Radstock
2MaslenitsaJust Peachy CC, Bridgwater
3Witches From The WestFantasy CC, Bridgwater
Class 10 – Pairs
1MexicaSamvantra Juniors, Radstock
2Lost In TimeDave & Lisa Arney. Taunton
3InvasionJiggle CC, Honiton
4Nanuk PolarisThe Shepherd Family, Portsmouth
5Scarecrow RebellionDee Gee’s CC, Shaftesbury
6Flying SaucersCousins CC, Ilminster
7The IllusionistsSomerset Film, Bridgwater
8I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!Inferno CC, Chard
Class 11 – Single Masquerader Adult
1iRobotA&A CC, Axminster
2The Tailor Of GloucesterJeanette Plummer, Melksham
3Ride To RioJacks CC/Simon Jackson, Ilminster
4EndangeredLucy Thomas, Topsham
5Stars Of The Silver ScreenThe Academy Of Carnival, Street
6MaximusRoger Muspratt- Hamilton, Gillingham
7Ooh La – La!Metamorphosis CC, Bridgwater
8The End Of The LineMichael Churches, Wells
9Gitana RomaniAbbie Haines, Frome
10FeverSpirit CC, Yeovil
11World War 1 Battle TankPaul D Lugg, Exeter
12MasqueradeJudy Williams, Ilminster
13Joker JokerAbbie Thomas, Frome
14The Rubiks ManSam Duffield, (Black Horse CC), Taunton
15The Lost MinionKay Foulds (Black Horse CC), Taunton
Class 12 – Single Masquerader Juvenile
1Czarevna’s Glacial OdysseyCarina Haines, Frome
2And Whoosh! They Were GoneIzzy Wheeler, Gurney Slade
3Draco LanistaRio Welsh, Taunton
4Robin HoodLotty Wheeler, Gurney Slade
5Ice FairyJiggle Junior CC, Honiton
Class 13 – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle
1Fogg’s World TourHarlequin CC, Ilminster
2Lights, Camera, ActionGremlins CC, Bridgwater
3NoahMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
4=GatsbyHuckyduck CC, Coleford
4=Gangs Of GothamRamblers CC, Bridgwater
Class 14 – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle Driver
1=Madagascar Europe’s Most WantedEclipse CC, Chard
1=WaterlooKing William CC, Glastonbury
3Under The SeaGlobe CC, Wells
4=VamparadeCobra CC, Wells
4=NoahMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
4=Gnome Sweet GnomeOasis CC, Frome
Class 15 – Entries With Disabilities
1Sister MichaelAcademy of Carnival, Street
2Alvinni! (And The Chipmunks)Chipmunks CC, North Petherton
Hardy Spicer Championship Cup – Overall Champion
 Light, Camera, ActionGremlins CC, Bridgwater
Lions International Cup – Hardy Spicer Runner Up
 Gangs Of GothamRamblers CC, Bridgwater
Aquarius Cup – Best Costume in Procession
=GatsbyHuckyduck CC, Coleford
=What Lies BeneathPentathlon CC, North Petherton
Bass Charrington Cup – Most Original Entry Open
 Lights, Camera, ActionGremlins CC, Bridgwater
B.P. Challenge Cup – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle & Driver Local
 NoahMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
Geordie Adamson Cup – Best Decorated Generator
 Lights, Camera, ActionGremlins CC, Bridgwater
Stan Bown Cup – Most Improved Local Feature
=ShowboatLime Kiln CC, Bridgwater
=Texas Town 1869Renegades CC, Bridgwater
Winslade Cup – Best Lighting Local
 Lights, Camera, ActionGremlins CC, Bridgwater


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