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Carnival 2021 - 6pm Saturday 6th November

2017 Procession Results

Class 1 – Tableau Cart Open
1The Flying DutchmanHuckyduck CC, Coleford
2SteampunkGemini CC, Ilminster
3BraveheartPentathlon CC, North Petherton
49 3/4King William CC, Glastonbury
Class 2 – Tableau Cart Local
1Tempus FugitWills CC, Bridgwater
2Toad HallCenturion CC, Bridgwater
Class 3 – Feature Cart Open
1War Horse – The Journey HomeMasqueraders CC, Meare
2Beautiful CreaturesHarlequin CC, Ilminster
3Drunken SailorWestonzoyland CC, Westonzoyland
4Ant WarriorsToppers CC, North Petherton
5ThrillerShambles CC, Shepton Mallet
6The Adventures Of MowgliEclipse CC, Chard
7New Orleans VoodooWick CC, Glastonbury
8White MagicGlobe CC, Wells
9TroyMendip Vale CC, Wells
10IncaHot Rock CC, Gillingham
11Greek EmpireSidvale CC, Sidford
12Twas The Rush Before…Cobra CC, Wells
13Regeneration (Of Rock)Gorgons CC, Wells
14NortyHighwayman CC, Shepton Mallet
Class 4 – Feature Cart Local
1Run For The HillsGremlins CC, Bridgwater
2The LockerMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
3Halloween In Deadman’s HollowRamblers CC, Bridgwater
4MaoriRenegades CC, Bridgwater
5Be Our GuestVagabonds CC, Bridgwater
6Spirit Of WinterGriffens CC, Bridgwater
7TeayoLime Kiln CC, Bridgwater
8Ooh La LaBritish Flag CC, Bridgwater
9Champagne And ChandeliersCavaliers CC, Bridgwater
10Welcome To HellYMCA CC, Bridgwater
11SweepCrusaders CC, Bridgwater
Class 5 – Comic Feature Cart
1Naggers (You Won’t Stop Talking)Newmarket CC, Bridgwater
2Three Little PigsNunsford Nutters CC, Colyton
3Dastardly And Mutley In Their Flying Machine #Catch The PigeonOne Plus One CC, Ilminster
450 Shades Of HayLuckington CC, Radstock
5Ass HaulCary Comedians CC, Castle Cary
6Rock BabiesMardons CC, Midsomer Norton
7Rock LobsterJust Georges CC, Sturminster Newton
8Ha Ha HaPoppe Inne CC, South Chard
Class 6 – Juvenile Cart
1Jack!Marina Sydenham JCC, Bridgwater
2Yee HaHillview JCC, Burnham on Sea
3Birds In ParadiseSouth Brent JCC, South Brent
Class 7 – Groups of Masqueraders Adult
1Light Em Up!Xtreme CC, Ilminster
2Pirates LifeMake You Laugh CC, Bridgwater
3ShowboatZem CC, Chard
4Great SpiritBridgwater Belles, Bridgwater
5The Wilfs 2020 Tokyo Olympic Trials ‘All Dressaged Up And Hoping To Go’Wilfs CC, Bridgwater
6Rednex HoedownSomerset Sapphire Seniors, Bridgwater
Class 8 – Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
1Puppet ParadeRhythm Fever, Meare
2Motown MadnessFox King Dance Academy
3Mini SweepsCrusaders Cubs, Bridgwater
4Rednex HoedownSomerset Sapphire Juniors, Bridgwater
Class 9 – Groups of Masqueraders (3 – 7)
1Professor Lillylicks Marvelous ElixirSmandy’s CC, Radstock
2Noahs ArkBubbles CC, Honiton
3Terribly Ever AfterJust Peachy CC, Bridgwater
4The Golden CompassMidas CC, Frome
Class 10 – Pairs
1Ole!Dee Gee’s CC, Shaftesbury
2Elementus – Guardians Of The ElementsEnspired CC, Salisbury
3Batman And Harley QuinnLugg’s CC, Exeter
Class 11 – Single Masquerader Adult
1Pablo’s Travelling CircusA&A CC, Axminster
2Alien TrooperStuart Cooper, Paignton
3TraintasticAcademy Of Carnival (Adam Cox), Street
4Rio RhythmAndy Tizzard, Chard
5One Day In SummerSpirit CC, Yeovil
6Ho Ho Let It SnowMichael Churches, Wells
7Oriental BlueJudy Williams, Ilminster
8Potion SellerAndrew Plummer, Melksham
9Charlie ChaplinRichard Palmer, Weston super Mare
10Gardener’s DelightC. Ann Cook, Wincanton
11Stitch In TimeTracy Cook, Wincanton
Class 12 – Single Masquerader Juvenile
1NihonSamvantra Juniors, Radstock
2PieratAcademy Of Carnival (Holly Kitchen), Street
3Celestial SpiritLily Cumming, Ilminster
4The Sami WarriorIzzy Wheeler, Gurney Slade
5Knit One, Purl OneLotty Wheeler, Gurney Slade
6Home Of The BraveAcademy Of Carnival (Logan Charles), Street
7Flamin FreezinEthan Pickersgill, Glastonbury
8WonderlandJiggle Juniors CC (Callie Martin), Somerset
Class 13 – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle
1Run To The HillsGremlins CC, Bridgwater
2The Flying DutchmanHuckyduck CC, Coleford
3War Horse – The Journey HomeMasqueraders CC, Meare
4=BraveheartPentathlon CC, North Petherton
4=The LockerMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
Class 14 – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle Driver
1=The LockerMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
1=The Flying DutchmanHuckyduck CC, Coleford
3Run To The HillsGremlins CC, Bridgwater
4Jack!Marina Sydenham JCC, Bridgwater
Class 15 – Entries With Disabilities
1Martian MikeAcademy Of Carnival (Mike Daniells), Street
2Scaredy SquirrelChipmunks CC, Crewkerne
Hardy Spicer Championship Cup – Overall Champion
 Run To The HillsGremlins CC, Bridgwater
Lions International Cup – Hardy Spicer Runner Up
 MaoriRenegades CC, Bridgwater
Aquarius Cup – Best Costume in Procession
 The Flying DutchmanHuckyduck CC, Coleford
Bass Charrington Cup – Most Original Entry Open
 War Horse – The Journey HomeMasqueraders CC, Meare
B.P. Challenge Cup – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle & Driver Local
 The LockerMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
Geordie Adamson Cup – Best Decorated Generator
 The Flying DutchmanHuckyduck CC, Coleford
Stan Bown Cup – Most Improved Local Feature
 MaoriRenegades CC, Bridgwater
Winslade Cup – Best Lighting Local
 Run To The HillsGremlins CC, Bridgwater


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