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Carnival 2019 - 6pm Saturday 2nd November

2018 Procession Results

Class 1 – Tableau Cart Open
1One For The RoadHuckyduck CC, Coleford
2P.T. BarnumGemini CC, Ilminster
3No Mans LandKing William CC, Glastonbury
4Day Of The DeadPentathlon CC, North Petherton
5Chronicles Of IndiaOasis CC, Frome
Class 2 – Tableau Cart Local
1GettysburgWills CC, Bridgwater
2Frozen KingdomCenturion CC, Bridgwater
Class 3 – Feature Cart Open
1The Greatest ShowHarlequin CC, Ilminster
2Sergeant De Waterloo – Master Of The HouseMasqueraders CC, Meare
3Sheng Xiao (Chinese New YearWick CC, Glastonbury
4WonderlandWestonzoyland CC, Westonzoyland
5Captain Morgan’s RevengeGlobe CC, Wells
6The Windmill Club (Moulin Rouge)Mendip Vale CC, Wells
7Glacies BellatorCobra CC, Wells
8WonderlandAliens CC, Midsomer Norton
9Back To The 80’sShambles CC, Shepton Mallet
10MhusikaEclipse CC, Chard
11Last RideOtters CC, Ottery St Mary
12Engine RoomGorgons CC, Wells
13BollywoodSidvale CC, Sidford
14Off To See The WizardBudleigh Salterton CC, Budleigh Salterton
15Dead InsideHighwayman CC, Shepton Mallet
16Namaste IndiaToppers CC, North Petherton
Class 4 – Feature Cart Local
1Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
2Barnum’s ParadeRamblers CC, Bridgwater
3Fiesta De Los TorosVagabonds CC, Bridgwater
4Outlaws’ CreekLime Kiln CC, Bridgwater
5Voodoo HackBritish Flag CC, Bridgwater
6StormGriffens CC, Bridgwater
7AmazoniaCavaliers CC, Bridgwater
8Surf’s UpCrusaders CC, Bridgwater
9Sing Sing SingYMCA CC, Bridgwater
10Highway To HellGremlins CC, Bridgwater
11Ganesh’s Journey HomeRenegades CC, Bridgwater
Class 5 – Comic Feature Cart
1Where’s Wee WillyNewmarket CC, Bridgwater
2Battle Of PortalooNunsford Nutters CC, Colyton
3Afro CircusOne Plus One CC, Ilminster
4I Want To Be SuperheroJust Georges CC, Sturminster Newton
5Laughing GnomesMardons CC, Midsomer Norton
6E.T. On TorLuckington CC, Radstock
7Travelling CicusStorm CC, Shaftesbury
Class 6 – Juvenile Cart
1Graffiti #VilliansMarina Sydenham JCC, Bridgwater
2The Spook ReturnsHillview JCC, Burnham on Sea
3Be Our GuestSouth Brent JCC, South Brent
Class 7 – Groups of Masqueraders Adult
1Twisted CircusXtreme CC, Ilminster
2The Wilfs Present Ballet Awful At “Thirty”…Wilfs CC, Bridgwater
3Gypsy FlairBridgwater Belles, Bridgwater
4Diwali – Festival Of LightZem CC, Chard
5Santas Raving PartyMake You Laugh CC, Bridgwater
6Dog’n’itRJ CC, Wells
7Way Out WestFantasy CC, Bridgwater
Class 8 – Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
1Wild In AfricaChameleons, Bridgwater
2UmbrellaRhythm Fever, Meare
3Sharks UpCrusaders Cubs, Bridgwater
Class 9 – Groups of Masqueraders (3 – 7)
1BedouinSmandy’s CC, Radstock
2Hen PartyA.B.C., Frome
3ShintoJust Peachy CC, Bridgwater
4Chitty Chitty Bang BangBubbles CC, Honiton
5Batman CharactersLuggs CC, Exeter
Class 10 – Pairs
1Skullduggery IIA & A CC, Axminster
2Drum Major And MinorThe Shepherd Family CC, Portsmouth
3This Is UsDee Gee’s CC, Shaftesbury
4Antman & The WaspMatman Studios, Bridgwater
Class 11 – Single Masquerader Adult
1Intergalactic Circus Of WonderAcademy Of Carnival (Simon Jackson), Street
2Winter WizardryAcademy Of Carnival (Adam Cox), Street
3Once Upon A StorytimeDave Arney, Taunton
4Can Can CanSpirit CC, Yeovil
5Shades Of AutumnJudy Williams, Ilminster
6Truly ScrumptiousBubbles CC (Emily Miller), Honiton
7Charlie ChaplinRichard Palmer, Weston super Mare
8The Greatest ShowmanBarry Sedgbeer, Bridgwater
Class 12 – Single Masquerader Juvenile
1The QueenSamvantra Juniors, Radstock
2The Greatest ‘Crowman’Ethan Pickersgill, Glastonbury
3The Mad ScientistIzzy Wheeler, Gurney Slade
4Fruit BatLotty Wheeler, Gurney Slade
5Little ChiefAcademy Of Carnival (Kai Newberry), Street
Class 13 – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle
1The Greatest ShowHarlequin CC, Ilminster
2Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
3Voodoo HackBritish Flag CC, Bridgwater
4GettysburgWills CC, Bridgwater
Class 14 – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle Driver
1=Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
1=Last RideOthers CC, Ottery St Mary
3=The Spook ReturnsHillview JCC, Burnham On Sea
3=One For The RoadHuchyduck CC, Coleford
Class 15 – Entries With Disabilities
1PC MikeAcademy Of Carnival (Mike Daniells), Street
Hardy Spicer Championship Cup – Overall Champion
 Barnum’s ParadeRamblers CC, Bridgwater
Lions International Cup – Hardy Spicer Runner Up
 Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
Aquarius Cup – Best Costume in Procession
 Day Of The DeadPentathlon CC, North Petherton
Bass Charrington Cup – Most Original Entry Open
 Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
B.P. Challenge Cup – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle & Driver Local
 Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
Geordie Adamson Cup – Best Decorated Generator
 Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater
Stan Bown Cup – Most Improved Local Mounted Entry
 GettysburgWills CC, Bridgwater
Winslade Cup – Best Lighting Local
 Consider Yourself (Dickensian)Marketeers CC, Bridgwater


Bridgwater Carnival Results:

Classes 1-6
Classes 7-12 & 15
Classes 13-14

CarniApp – Peoples Choice

The winner of the above was:

Consider Yourself (Dickensian) by the Marketeers C.C.

Weston super Mare Results:

Classes 1-6
Classes 7-12 & 15
Classes 13-14

North Petherton Results:

Classes 1-6
Classes 7-12 & 15
Classes 13-14

Shepton Mallet Results:

Classes 1-6
Classes 7-12 & 15
Classes 13-14

City of Wells Results:

Classes 1-6
Classes 7-12 & 15
Classes 13-14

Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnivals Association – Overall Results

2018 County Results