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Carnival 2021 - 6pm Saturday 6th November

Digital DVDs

DVDs Go Digital Online

As an extra service we are trialling renting or selling our DVD collection as a digital download.

Not everybody wants to buy a DVD or search the house for the year they want to watch so as well as the actual DVD we have decided to also make our individual DVDs available as a digital download for a small charge using Vimeo.

You are able to rent any available year for a week so you can watch it as many times as you like during that period, or you can buy a copy which gives you access to the video for as long as Bridgwater Carnival holds a Vimeo account.

We currently have thirty four years available and will add others over the coming weeks, due to upload restrictions we can only upload two a week.

Using Vimeo will mean that you can watch the DVD on any viewing device that uses the internet, so TV, laptop, PC or mobile phone etc.

The link to the main page on Vimeo