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Carnival 2018 - 7pm Saturday 3rd November


Carnival Day Acts 2015

The Acts below took part in the entertainment during the day of Bridgwater Carnival 2014 to give you an idea of the variety of the acts put on for your entertainmnent, an update for 2015 will be posted here once everything is in place, likely to be mid-Summer.

The list below are the acts that will be appearing to entertain throughout the day in 2014.

Acts below are listed in alphabetical order.

ABBA Authentic

ABBA Authentic are the original Abba duo and will bring the fantastic sounds and harmonies of Abba to the Cornhill stage on Carnival Day.

They are renowned international artistes having performed all over the world at over 3,500 gigs including the Vegas Imperial Palace Hotel and MGM.

They have recently returned from their fourth tour of Korea where they performed at the Seoul indoor Olympic stadium appearing live on KBS TV to over six million audience.



Formed in 1996, Bridgwater’s popular children’s singing, dancing and samba group has over 120 members. Earlier in the year they staged Cats at the Town Hall, receiving rave reviews from all who saw the show.

The ACTS choir will be singing for shoppers in the Angel Place Shopping Centre in the morning, while the samba band will performing at the Cornhill Stage in the afternoon.


Albot – The Robot

Albot is a remote controlled robotic appealing to young and old alike. The show gives members of the audience a chance to interact with Albot, pose for photos, find out about his construction, and see for themselves that there’s no one inside!


Bridgwater College Performing Arts

The Performing Arts section at Bridgwater College is widely acknowledged for the quality of its work with students. The Showchoir in particular has achieved tremendous success having appeared on TV and in concerts and shows throughout the UK and parts of Europe.

The youngsters taking part are all aged between 17 and 19 and studying music and performance arts at Bridgwater College.


Bournemouth Carnival Band

The bandsmen, aged 16 to nearly museum relics (we’re keeping some secrets), and dressed in their various colourful costumes, have “perfected” a unique blend of music and crazy comedy antics. This, combined with their marching routines, ensures that the band is always in great demand.

The band has toured Northern France and has appeared in the prestigious Jersey “Battle of Flowers”.

Bournemouth Carnival Band

Childrens Parades

An all-dancing parade, featuring children from several schools, goes through Fore Street, Cornhill and the High Street at 2pm on carnival day, followed a little later by another group of children carrying lanterns which they have made themselves out of various recycled items.


Dan The Hat

With brilliant comic timing, Dan takes you on a frenzied journey of skills and trickery from his dazzling yoyo routines to his jaw-dropping hat manipulation techniques.

Audience beware! Dan the Hat will pick volunteers at random… anything can happen and it usually does!

Dan the Hat

Harry Winchester

Harry is currently studying musical theatre at the Arts Educational School, London. Before moving away, Harry studied performing arts at Bridgwater College where he was given the chance to play the lead role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

He has also been a member of the Bridgwater Show Choir, Sally Williams Dancers, the Lola Fisher Academy of Dance, Renegades Carnival Club and ACTS Theatre School.


Jones & Barnard

This duo have a totally fresh approach to the presentation of comedy classics, combined with a sensitive use of volunteers to comedic effect making the audience part of, not apart from, the show.

Jones & Barnard
Jordan Hill 

Jordon Hall

Jordan is an incredibly gifted performer with so much energy and charisma!

Everywhere he goes, this superb singer has audiences out of their seat, singing, dancing, and laughing along with him!

Jordan has played in many different venues and has a massive repertoire starting from the golden age of rock and roll, through to the chart toppers of today.


London School of Samba

London School Of Samba played its first official gig at Covent Garden Piazza in 1984 and were the first Samba School to play at the Notting Hill Carnival, introducing Brazilian Carnival to the parade. Since then, they have achieved the best results so far for any non-Caribbean band in the Notting Hill Carnival.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary they will bring a touch of Brazil to the streets of Bridgwater with a mix of drummers and dancers in colourful costumes.

 London School of Samba

Rhythms Of The City

Rhythms Of The City perform not only authentic carnival samba, but many other funky styles (salsa, soca, reggae, funk, hiphop) with the same passion and energy. Rhythms of the City is the beating heart of London’s multi-award winning jazz community the F-IRE Collective. Drummers, singers, dancers, horns and guitars combine in a unique spectacle.

At Bridgwater Carnival they will entertain audiences during the day with a static display by the 25 piece group of drums and dancers before also performing in the evening parade.


Samba Galez

Samba Galez has become one of the largest community-based Samba bands in the UK with members of all ages coming from different cultural backgrounds and ranging from accomplished musicians to those with no previous musical experience

 Same Old faces 

Same Old Faces

Same Old Faces are a tribute to the 1960s and 70s which includes a good deal of Glam Rock. Dressed in glitz, wigs, shades and platforms.

Same Old Faces play all the classic rock from the era of Glam!


The Gaslights

The Gaslights – a comedy musical trio presenting catchy tunes and songs, peppered with Victorian history, science-fiction and modern day comedy.

Throughout the show they are helped and hindered in equal measure by Albot who will interject at any opportunity. In a lively mix of up-beat music, comedy and illusion, this is a Victorian, HG Wellsian, steampunkian extravaganza!

 The Gaslights

Two Tone

Brothers Paul and Lee Savage have been entertaining audiences in Bridgwater and beyond for well over 20 years with a blend of musical tastes.


Wells City Band

Wells City Band – a friendly and warm group of amateur brass musicians, serving the Central Somerset area by providing concerts, marches and live brass band music for indoor and outdoor events.

The band developed its membership and expanded its supporters club throughout the 1990s and has become an important feature at civic functions, church services, nearby village fetes, charity concerts and Christmas events.