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Carnival 2019 - 6pm Saturday 2nd November

Marshal Registration


As a Marshal, you no doubt receive telephone calls or letters from each Carnival that you volunteer with. Some thought has been given as to how we can reduce the number of letters and telephone calls.

Using the same software as is used by the clubs to enter Carnival, we have devised a scheme to enable marshals to record which carnivals that they wish to help. This involves marshals entering their personal data, qualifications (e.g. Ch8, SIA) followed by which town(s) they wish to help, whether it be a SCGFCA carnival, a South Somerset Federation carnival or an “independent” one such as Midsomer Norton.

The system allows us to send to each town a list of those wishing to help their carnival together with contact details. If a person does not wish to help a town, their contact details will not be disclosed to that town without permission. If a town is struggling to get marshals then we would email all those who are not going and pass any positive responses on.

Marshal Registration

ID Badge Example

We will also create a photo id card that will show which towns that you are marshalling at, see example left.

The data given will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will only be used for the purpose of contacting you for your help with Carnival. It will not be divulged to any other organisation or used for any other purposes other than Carnival.

The registration system will go live on 1st July this year, there is no plan to have a closing date as such as this will be ongoing but do please sign up as early as you can to assist all carnivals?

Before filling in the form it would be useful if you have an electronic passport size photo, you can then attach this at the end of the questionnaire which will assist greatly in preparing the proposed I.D. badge?

Please help as many Carnivals as you can by completing the registration form!

Any queries please contact Chris Mockridge on 07773 366720.