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Carnival 2021 - 6pm Saturday 6th November

Procession Route

Times shown below are the estimated time of arrival at the point indicated.

Please note the procession route will follow the same route as in 2019.

Carnival Downloadable Map


1Procession Line Up, From 10.00 hrs
2Start of Pre-Procession, 17.30 hrs
3Start of Procession, 18.00 hrs
4Bath Road, 18.15 hrs
5Cross Rifles Roundabout, 18.25 hrs
6Grandstands Start, 18.40 hrs
7Grandstands End, 18.50 hrs
8Rest Road Start - No Action, 18.55 hrs
9Rest Road - No Action, 19.00 hrs
10Rest Road Ends - Action Restarts, 19.05 hrs
11St Marys Street, 19.10 hrs
12Cornhill - Restricted Access, 19.15 hrs
13Cornhill - Restricted Access, 19.20 hrs
14Cornhill - Restricted Access, 19.20 hrs
15Cornhill - Restricted Access, 19.20 hrs
16High Street, Squibbing apporx 22.30 hrs
17High Street, 19.25 hrs
18Penel Orlieu, 19.30 hrs
19Mount Street, 19.35 hrs
20Mount Street, 19.40 hrs
21Northgate, 19.45 hrs
22Procession End, 20.00 hrs