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Our FAQs; All the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Bridgwater Carnival, Concerts and Procession.

Bridgwater Carnival is now always held on the first Saturday in November each year, for 2022 that will be the 5th November.

We put on street entertainment from 10am in the town centre, the roads are closed to traffic and the variety of acts creates a party atmosphere.

Coach parking has been extended for the last few years due to the high demand, We have areas in the town specifically for coach parking but it has to be pre-booked this makes it far easier to drop off and pick up passengers. Details will be posted in 2022.

Yes you can park in the town but spaces are limited and once the car parks are full there is little other space available. You are strongly advised to use the Park & Ride making it much easier to get into the town and back to your car. Details will be posted in 2022.

Yes, four schemes three from J.23 & one from J.24 of the M5 were in use in 2019, details and prices will be on our website later in 2022. Details will be posted in 2022

Whilst we cannot stop you bringing a dog (assistance dogs excepted) to our carnival you have to consider if the carnival is a suitable environment for your dog, the large crowds, loud noise and special effects may well frighten them?

We do not allow dogs in the grandstands for the reasons stated above.

Grandstands seats for the 2022 procession will be available from our online shop on 1st April or the Carnival Centre, or by post or telephone. Details will be posted in 2022.

In 2019 we had 150 people squibbing in the High Street after the procession, the squibs are fixed to coshs which are held up at arms length and all let off at the same time. Details will be posted in 2022.

The date of the Carnival Concerts are governed by the Bridgwater Fair which precedes it, the four day Fair always starts on the last Wednesday in September each year, so for 2022 the Concerts start on Monday 3rd October for 12 nights (excluding Sunday). Details will be posted in 2022.

You most certainly can, auditions for front of curtain acts are held early in the year. Details will be posted online early in 2022.

We do and it can be found on our Polices page Access Statement

The relevant officers are contactable by email. See details. You can also contact the Carnival Centre on 01278 428220.

If you require more information than you can find on this site or would like to report something please email Customer Services. You can also contact the Carnival Centre on 01278 428220.

Carnival Terminology

Bridgwater Squibs: Giant fireworks originally made in homes throughout the town but now produce to a secret formula by leading firework manufacturers, especially for Bridgwater Carnival. In 1929, over 2,000 squibs were ignited during the course of carnival night. 800 of these were 24 inches in length with a 2 inch bore, whilst the remainder measured 12 inches by 1 inch. Because of their size, the squibs are tied to poles (coshes) and, once lit, are held above the squibbers head until the firework extinguishes. Nowadays a simultaneous squibbing display is held in the town s High Street immediately after the parade when upwards of 150 squibs are ignited at the same time creating a marvellous, unique display.

Carts: Carnival floats in Bridgwater were originally constructed on hay carts or log carts. The name has stuck! Sometimes also reported in the local press as cars .

Gangs: Carnival clubs whose members stand or pose in tableaux, completely still, creating a picture which depicts their chosen theme.

Features: The all singing, all dancing, all moving style of carnival entry.

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