Carnival 2016 - 7pm
Saturday 5th November
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Bridgwater Carnival, Registered Charity number 1120551 would like to thank QuestionPro for sponsoring the use of their survey software - Question Pro


ADVANCE NOTICE – Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival – Saturday 5th November 2016 at 7 p.m.

South West 2015 - 2016 GOLD

Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival wins a GOLD award in the South West Tourism Excellence Awards for the TOURISM EVENT OF THE YEAR held at Exeter Cathedral on Thursday 4th February 2016.

VIDEOWondering what Bridgwater Carnival is all about, watch the clips from the 2016 Promo Video – In a hurry have a glance at Bridgwater Carnival 2015 in under four minutes!


NEW FILM titled “Bridgwater – The Home of Carnival” released by Conor Shutler & Associates, see story.

DOWNLOADS – All downloadable files available on this site can be found here.

If you want to see how carnival has improved look at the clip of Bridgwater Carnival 1922 from the British Film Industry archive.

Bridgwater Carnival CentreOpening Times

PHOTOS – In addition to the Gallery on this site many more photos can be found on the websites of our two 2015 official photographers Peter J Nicholls Photography and Timeless Images.


  • When is the Carnival Procession?

    Bridgwater Carnival is now always held on the first Saturday in November each year, for 2016 that will be the 5th November.
  • When is the Carnival Concerts?

    The date of the Carnival Concerts are governed by the Bridgwater Fair which precedes it, the four day Fair always starts on the last Wednesday in September each year, so for 2016 the Concerts start on Monday 3rd October.
  • Do you operate a Park & Ride scheme?

    Yes, in 2015 we operated two schemes one each from J.23 & J.24 of the M5 which are signposted, both were very well used.
    See details.
  • Can I park in the town?

    Yes you can park in the town but spaces are limited and once the car parks are full there is little other space available. You are strongly advised to use the Park & Ride making it much easier to get into the town and back to your car. See details.
  • Can I park a coach?

    Coach parking has been extended for the last two years due to the high demand, We have areas in the town specifically for coach parking but it has to be pre-booked this makes it far easier to drop off and pick up passengers. See details.
  • Customer Services

    If you require more information than you can find on this site or would like to report something please email Customer Services. You can also contact the Carnival Centre on 01278 428220.


  • Do you have Grandstand seats?

    Grandstands seats for the 2016 procession will be available from our online shop from April 1st 2016, at the Carnival Centre, or by post or telephone. See details. Prices for 2016 are yet to be confirmed (£14 per seat - 2015).
  • What is Squibbing?

    In 2015 we had 180 people squibbing in the High Street after the procession, the squibs are fixed to cosh's which are held up at arms length and all let off at the same time. See details.
  • Can I audition for the Concert?

    You most certainly can, auditions for front of curtain acts are held in March each year. See details.
  • What happens during the day?

    We put on street entertainment from 10.30am in the town centre, the roads are closed to traffic and the variety of acts creates a party atmosphere.
  • How do I contact a member of the committee?

    The relevant officers are contactable by email. See details. You can also contact the Carnival Centre on 01278 428220.
  • Do you have an Access Statement?

    We do and it can be found at Access Statement.

Corporate Hospitality

Want to make your visit extra special why not purchase our Hospitality package; parking, meal, stand seat. programme and more all included. details.

Sponsor the Carnival.

Yes Bridgwater Carnival is very expensive to stage so to secure its future we have to raise considerable amounts of money, sponsors are very valuable to us.

Become a Friend of Carnival

Becoming a Friend will allow you to receive priority booking for Carnival Concert tickets; receive discounted prices for Grandstand or Concert seats; have your name in the programme and support Bridgwater Carnival.

Camping Facility

In 2015 we teamed up with a local camp site to offer a pitch and transport from the camp site and back after the squibbing, hassle free!