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Carnival 2021 - 6pm Saturday 6th November

Concert Overview

Concert Overview

Gremlins CC – Picture by Timeless Images

The 2021 Carnival Concerts will commence on Monday 4th October and run until Saturday 16th October, ticket prices for 2021 (tbc) are: the first night seats will be £11.50, except for rows H,J,M,P,Y & Z which will be £14. For nights other than the first Monday the seats will be £13.50, except for rows H,J,M,P,Y & Z which will be £16. Restricted view seats will be £10 throughout the concert.

The demand for rows H,J,M,P,Y & Z always exceed the number of seats available, so although the night may appear in the drop down list we may not be able to supply exactly what you require, if not we will supply seats in adjacent rows and when you receive your tickets a voucher to reclaim any overpayment will be included, these vouchers can be redeemed at the booking office when you arrive at the Town Hall for the concert. Nights that these rows are completely sold out will not appear on the drop down list.

The Concerts start at 7 p.m. on weekday nights and 6 p.m. at weekends, the show lasts approximately 4 hours.

The Carnival Concerts act as a great warm up for the clubs for their dance routines and choreography before the main Carnival event and runs for 12 nights. The Concert is itself a great spectacle, each night always sells out and has a prestigious local following.

Between the main acts provided by the 13 carnival clubs and 2 dance troupes that participate we have “front of curtain” acts that fill the time with music, singing and magic tricks to entertain the audience whilst the main acts change their scenery.

Tickets for the show can be be pre-ordered at our online Shop or the Carnival Centre (see coronavirus statement on the home page). A seating plan can be found by clicking on the following link Concert Seating Plan, Whilst the night you order is guaranteed actual seats cannot be although we will do our best to meet any request, seats are issued on a first come, first served basis so the earlier you pre-book the better the chance of having the seats you request.

Available tickets for the first week shows can be purchased from the Bridgwater Carnival Centre from late June 2021.

If you wish to avoid the queues you can always become a “Friend of Bridgwater Carnival” and order your priority tickets in advance, see the Friends page for further details.

Carnival Concerts – watch the short video clip by Conor Shutler & Associates.

Email our Entertainment Officer, Sarah Humphrey for further details.

Carnival Concert Raffle – Bridgwater Carnival would like to thank the following for their support in 2019 by donating raffle prizes:

Admiral Blake Fish Bar; Admirals Landing; Amber Taverns; Bar Brunel; Berry’s Coaches Taunton; Blackmore Farm; Bob’s Hair & Nails; Bridge Restaurant; Bridgwater Gangs & Features;  Budgens; Chris & Co.; Coffee#1; Cook House & Pub; Costa Coffee; Farm Foods; Flowers International; Fox King Dance Company; Hooks of Bridgwater; Jim Barber Haircut;  Jools Bridgwater; Julie Elkins; Kemps Jewellers; Kim Dodden; La Kage Bistro; Legends Andrew Stone; Loft Jeans; McDonalds; Made in Italy; M&S Foods; Mike Crocker; Musgrove Willow; Neil Bryant Hair; Nutmeg House; Paisley; Peter J Nicholls Photography; Piggys; Puriton Inn; Quantock Pub & Carvery; Robsons Electrics; Ruths T-Stop Cafe; Sarah Hodge; Scotts Cinema;  Shauls Bakery, Sofia Lilys Florist; Summer Rock; Spice Club; Star Fish Bar; T.W. Flooring; The Cornhill Inn; The Flower Factory; Timeless Images; Tudor Hotel & Restaurant; Victoria Hair and Spa, Wilkins Jewellers.

All funds raised through the Concert will go toward the furtherance of Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival.

Concert Judging

You may wonder at the results sometimes and we often get asked how did we arrive at the decision we did? So to give a better insight as to what goes on behind the scenes in producing the results some explanation may be of benefit.

We have a panel of eight judges, all with experience of stage production or associated skills, each judge watches the concert at least twice, once each week. To give you an idea for what the judges are looking for, the club and the dancing troupe performances are judged against:

■ Entertainment value – 50 points
■ Presentation of theme – 50 points
■ Vocal ability/choice of music – 25 points
■ Choreography/stillness – 25 points
■ Scenery – 25 points
■ Lighting and effect – 25 points
■ Costumes – 25 points
■ Make-up – 25 points

The front of curtain acts are judged against the following criteria:

■ Entertainment value – 50 points
■ Presentation and choice of music – 50 points
■ Aptitude – 75 points
■ Attire – 25 points

Once all the results are in we then total them up deducting the highest and lowest placing each entry receives to ensure any potential points wide of the mark are excluded and the results are then calculated on the points balance. These results are then announced at the close of the Concert on the second Saturday performance.

Carnival Concert Auditions

For further details see Auditions

Carnival Concert Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please visit our gallery of Carnival Concert photographs to get a feel for the event.

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Concert Results

See the results of the Carnival Concerts, 1986 – 2019 results are obtainable from the Archive section.

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