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Carnival 2020 - 6pm Saturday 7th November

2014 Procession Results

Class 1 – Tableau Cart Open
1In Flanders FieldsHuckyduck CC, Coleford
2Transformers…The CubeGemini CC, Ilminster
3Roll Up, Roll Up!Pentathlon CC, North Petherton
4“Life’s A Beach”Oasis CC, Frome
5Dancing Upon IceKing William CC, Glastonbury
6ApocalypseQuackerside CC, Frome
7Fair TimeShambles CC, Shepton Mallet
8Centenary of W.W.1Unicorn CC, Bridgwater
Class 2 – Tableau Cart Local
1Merry GrinchmasWills CC, Bridgwater
2WillowCenturion CC, Bridgwater
Class 3 – Feature Cart Open
1TortugaHarlequin CC, Ilminster
2Brunels VisionMasqueraders CC, Meare
3Dead Men Tell No TalesEclipse CC, Chard
4NorsemenWick CC, Glastonbury
5Departing MidnightGlobe CC, Wells
6Attractions (Abandoned)lMendip Vale CC, Wells
7“Hay Day”Hot Rock CC, Gillingham
8Disco FeverCobra CC, Wells
9Remember RememberToppers CC, North Petherton
10Back To Our FutureWestonzoyland CC, Westonzoyland
11Fire & IceGorgons CC, Wells
Class 4 – Feature Cart Local
1Brunels Kingdom – The ShipyardGremlins CC, Bridgwater
2Battle Of AtlantisMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
3FreezeRamblers CC, Bridgwater
4Old London TownBritish Flag CC, Bridgwater
5Rain ForestGriffens CC, Bridgwater
6Wreck’dVagabonds CC, Bridgwater
7Anubis ArmyRenegades CC, Bridgwater
8U.S.A.Lime Kiln CC, Bridgwater
9Juke Box JiveCavaliers CC, Bridgwater
10ZummersetCrusaders CC, Bridgwater
11Tombs Of DoomYMCA CC, Bridgwater
Class 5 – Comic Feature Cart
1Oom Pah Pah!Cary Comedians CC, Castle Cary
2I Wanna Be Like YouNewmarket CC, Bridgwater
3Formula TubsNunsford Nutters CC, Colyton
4Rescue MeJust Georges CC, Sturminster Newton
5Brits Abroad2R’s CC, Temple Cloud
6Summit NunnyOne Plus One CC, Ilminster
7On The PisteLuckington CC, Radstock
8Rootin’ Tootin’ ‘n’ Shootin’Budleigh Salterton CC, Budleigh Salterton
9Working 5 To 9Wells & Glastonbury YFCC
Class 6 – Juvenile Cart
1Flying To RioMarina Sydenham JCC, Bridgwater
2Jungle FeverHillview JCC, Burnham on Sea
3Tiger FallsSouth Brent CC, South Brent
Class 7 – Groups of Masqueraders Adult
1Hear Me RoarXtreme CC, Ilminster
2Putting Life Into The Busiest Night Of The YearWilfs CC, Bridgwater
3Fire & Ice (The Battle Begins)Bridgwater Belles, Bridgwater
4Lil ExcaliburHighwayman CC, Shepton Mallet
Class 8 – Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile
1Scarecrow PartyCrusaders Cubs, Bridgwater
2Somerset Sapphire MajorettesBridgwater
3Club CardThatchers CC, Shepton Mallet
Class 9 – Groups of Masqueraders (3 – 7)
1Guardians of FraenerSmandy’s CC, Radstock
2The Curse of AthenaThe Academy of Carnival, Street
3Belus CriaturasJust Peachy CC, Bridgwater
Class 10 – Pairs
1Mr & MrsA&A CC, Axminster
2BonesJiggle CC, Honiton
3Nordic WalkersDee Gee’s CC, Shaftesbury
4Myanmar PuppetsSamvantra Juniors, Radstock
5Lettuce Gnome To MarketNatajacks, Frome
6Double Tiki TroubleInferno CC, Chard
7Rock ChixStardelights CC, Gillingham
8Winging It’Dave & Lisa Arney. Taunton
9Dancing ZombiesRJ CC, Bristol
10Wild At HeartFantasy CC, Bridgwater
Class 11 – Single Masquerader Adult
1King AdmiRoger Muspratt- Hamilton, Gillingham
2Ali Baba’s Contrary CarpetMichael Churches, Wells
3La Phantom De La ChandelierMetamorphosis CC, Bridgwater
4Aztec ArtisanJacks CC (Simon Jackson), Ilminster
5Adderdictus – Curse Of The Snake PeopleEnspired, Salisbury
6CarnivoodooAdam Cox, Street
7Whiz, Pop, Bang, Bang!Andy Tizzard, Chard
8For Whom The Bells TollAbbie Haines, Frome
9Rock On Tommo BotSmandys Geriatric CC, Radstock
10Freshly PickedKrakus CC, Gillingham
11ChessJudy Williams, Ilminster
12Flower FairyTracy Cook, Wincanton
13AttractionSpirit CC, Yeovil
14Carnival Of ButterfliesAnn Cook, Wincanton
Class 12 – Single Masquerader Juvenile
1Queen Of The KnightsCarina Haines, Frome
2Wonderland ShuffleCousins CC, Ilminster
3Nouvelle LuneL.L. CC (Lauren Pearcy), Ottery St Mary
4Time KeeperA.J. CC (Aiden Pearcy), Ottery St Mary
5Davy Jones’ Locker (The Sailors Graveyard)Rio Welsh, Taunton
Class 13 – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle
1=Battle Of AtlantisMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
1=Transformers…The CubeGemini CC, Ilminster
3Brunels Kingdom – The ShipyardGremlins CC, Bridgwater
4In Flanders FieldHuckyduck CC, Coleford
Class 14 – Best Dressed Towing Vehicle Driver
1In Flanders FieldsHuckyduck CC, Coleford
2Rain ForestGriffens CC, Bridgwater
3Transformers…The CubeGemini CC, Ilminster
4=FreezeRamblers CC, Bridgwater
4=Flying To RioMarina Sydenham JCC, Bridgwater
Class 15 – Entries With Disabilities
1Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No it’s…Academy of Carnival, Street
Hardy Spicer Championship Cup – Overall Champion
 Brunels Kingdom – The ShipyardGremlins CC, Bridgwater
Lions International Cup – Hardy Spicer Runner Up
 Old London TownBritish Flag CC, Bridgwater
Aquarius Cup – Best Costume in Procession
=Brunels Kingdom – The ShipyardGremlins CC, Bridgwater
=In Flanders FieldsHuckyduck CC, Coleford
Bass Charrington Cup – Most Original Entry Open
 In Flanders FieldsHuckyduck CC, Coleford
B.P. Challenge Cup – Best Decorated Towing Vehicle & Driver Local
 Battle Of AtlantisMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
Geordie Adamson Cup – Best Decorated Generator
 In Flanders FieldsHuckyduck CC, Coleford
Stan Bown Cup – Most Improved Local Feature
 =Wreck’dVagabonds CC, Bridgwater
=Battle Of AtlantisMarketeers CC, Bridgwater
Winslade Cup – Best Lighting Local
 Brunels Kingdom – The ShipyardGremlins CC, Bridgwater


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